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Foodie Fridays : Oppa

Yes, you read it right! Foodie Fridays is back! Hehe. My attempts at being a food blogger took a back seat due to the busy past few months. As a result, I am now facing an awesome problem, I have a pile of back log waiting to be posted.  Haha. A good example of how far behind I am is this post, I have been to this place three times already and I am just writing about it now. Lol.

When a Kapampangan hears the words “Walking Street” several images immediately pop in their minds and none of these images are wholesome.


The Walking Street in Fields Avenue, Balibago is the infamous red light district of Angeles City.


It’s a place frequented by people, mostly foreigners, looking for a good time. I will no longer elaborate what I mean by “good time” since I intend to keep this blog PG 13. Lol.


I must admit, I am one of those people with that preconceived notion about the Walking Street. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that at the midst of the girly bars was a Korean food haven.


It was a rainy afternoon on my first visit, if I remember it right there was a storm then. My beautiful work mates invited me to join their food trip, who am I to refuse? Hehe. We choose a table at the second level and ordered.


The weather at time called for it, so we ordered two bowls of seafood ramyun, one for them and one for me. Hehe. We were also given free iced coffee! Hehe.


Seafood ramyun

I was so focused on my food, I neglected my #bloggerduties. Lol. I left the place thinking “Oppa” meant delicious in Korean.

I learned the correct meaning of the word from a Korean friend. According to him, in their language the word Oppa means older brother of a female. It can also at times, with the right tone of voice, be used by girls to flirt with guys they like. A very witty name for a Korean  restaurant at the Walking Street. Lol.

On my second visit I was with a good friend who wanted to try the seafood ramyun. I, on the other hand decided to try a different dish. The menu listed the dish as Don Gas, it was recommended by the waitress saying it was one of their best sellers. When our orders arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Don Gas is a super sized breaded pork cutlet served with sticky rice, a sunny side up egg and vegetable strips with a spicy and tangy red paste.


Don Gas

 We were quite hungry then so..


 Cheese Kimbap

I’m pretty sure that no Korean dining experience will be complete without the side dishes.


As it turns out, the dish I ordered was good for two persons and I found it challenging to finish. Not one to waste good food though, I was able to clean my plate. Lol. Half of the cheese kimbap I ended up taking home. My only complaint, is on this visit we were not served free iced coffee which I know is part of the meal. I think I asked about five times with three different people, all of them saying “Tignan ko lang po..” but until we finished our meal, no iced coffee arrived.

A few days ago, while sorting files I came across the photos of my previous food trips at Oppa. I decided it was high time that I try to blog about it. With a good friend and fellow bookworm, I decided to go back to Oppa, this time on full blogger mode.

The set up of the place was pretty straight forward, no unnecessary fixtures, just tables, chairs and the counter where they prepared the side dishes. However this does not mean that the place looked boring. The walls had these huge murals which did not look Korean to me but are none the less awesome.


The space could comfortably accommodate about twenty to thirty people at the same time. It’s split into two levels, I personally like sitting on the second level because of the view.

One of the things I like about eating at a foreign restaurant, (I’ve been to two so far. Haha.) is the challenge posed by the menu. It’s perplexingly fun to figure out which dish to order based on their names.


My companion/photographer for the day and and I settled for  Bibimbap and Tuna Kimbap.


Bibimbap is a mix of veggies, seaweed strips, sticky rice, beef and a sunny side up egg. I noticed that the side dishes served vary, it might be depending on what is available. Another thing I noticed about Korean food is that it is heavy  on the stomach. I again ended up taking home half of the Tuna Kimbap, not that I’m complaining though. Lol.


Before I give my “verdict”, let me share some fun facts.

On all three of my visits to Oppa, I unintentionally wore the same black shirt! Lol.

While posing for the featured photo, a Korean guy in front of the restaurant thought we were taking a picture of him and offered a toast with his iced coffee, it was an awkward and funny moment. Haha.

Alright, un expert ratings time! Five stars the highest.

Food = ☆☆☆☆☆

Place = ☆☆☆☆

Price = ☆☆☆☆

Service = ☆☆☆ This is because of the inconsistent iced coffee issue and one waitress unable to answer which was their best seller.

Looking at the bigger picture though,  I can easily overlook the average service because of  the good food. I definitely will be back for another meal.

more adventures coming..

Peace out!