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Foodie Fridays: YMERLEE

I recently discovered a new way to exercise. It’s something different than what I was doing before. This new practice engages not only the body but also the mind. More on that later, for now I will focus on what I did after.  What’s the best thing to do after an intense workout? Eat of course! After our practice one of us craved for the tapsilog of a certain eatery in Angeles City. He sounded so enthusiastic about it and we were all hungry, so it was decided that we have dinner there.

It’s fairly easy to get to this place, but since I am not very good in giving directions(I sometimes get confused between right and left. *sad face.) you will just have to bear with me with this one. From what I can remember we rode a gray Check Point Hi-way jeep until a place in Angeles City called Crossing. I think the place got its name because back then it was the part where the railroad tracks crossed paths with the streets.  The train and its tracks are now long gone and in its place is a newly landscaped public park. Crossing is quite popular due to the long line of eateries here that serve delicious Kapampangan dishes including the famous sisig. Sisig was not the reason we were there that night though, we started walking to this tapsilog place.

Interesting but embarrassing fact. It was my first time to go to Crossing. I only pass by it on my way to places but I’ve never had the chance to actually experience it. I was fascinated with what I was seeing while we were walking, as I always am when in new places. I tried to be discreet about it though since I did not want my companions to notice my fascination and explain it was my first time there. Lol.

After about  five minutes of walking we reached our destination.


The place was packed. It’s either all of these people had the same idea as we did or the place was really popular. I think it was both. We ended up getting a table outside by the side of the eatery. Eating alfresco was fine by me, my only concern was that the ground slanted downward hence the table was slanted too. I got the honor of sitting on the side where table slants downward. One wrong move from anyone of us will send all the contents of the table down to my lap.



I was hungry. The place was packed. I did not want my companions to be in the same predicament I was in. I took it as a challenge. Hehe. When our food arrived, it looked normal. Nothing out of the ordinary.


My thoughts on it changed after my first bite. Man, it was good!! My companions were engaged in a conversation while eating but I was too busy stuffing my face to join their conversation. I finished the entire meal plus extra rice roughly ten minutes ahead of them. To say I enjoyed it will be an understatement. Haha. Here’s the best part, if I remember it right the meal cost less than P70! San ka pa?! I joined the conversation when my plate looked like this.


My brother, the one who suggested we eat there pointed out to me that directly behind us was the building of the old train station. Being a Potterhead, I had flashes of platform nine and three quarters after he told me this. Haha.

The only bad thing I can say about YMERLEE is the face and attitude of the cashier when we were paying our tab. Her face was sour and scrunched up when she told us they do not have change for one of my companions bills. Maybe she was just tired. The taste and memory of the food I just ate was stronger, so I still left the tapsilogan a happy customer. It’s another place I will return to for another meal.

My unexpert ratings? Alright.

Food = ☆☆☆☆☆

Place = ☆☆☆

Price = ☆☆☆☆☆

Service = ☆☆

more adventures coming..

Peace out!