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Ninong Duties

One buddy of mine has twenty seven, another has forty plus of them. I’m talking about godchildren or “inaanaks”. This is quite mind blowing for me as I only have four. Hehe.  As a socially awkward person, I am fully aware that I do not have large number of friends and acquaintances and I like it that way. I know the ones I do have are for keeps. I’d rather have a hand full of real friends than a crowd of acquaintances. This, and probably the fact that I’m an infamous “kuripot” are the reasons why I have a modest number of godchildren.

A godparent for me is not just someone who gives money or presents every Christmas. It’s a lifetime commitment to be the child’s second parent, to help in any way possible in raising the child to become a good person. This is why I consider it as a huge honor when someone asks me to be a part of his or her child’s life as their godfather. For me this equates to trust. Trust that I can be a good influence in their child’s life. Trust that I will consider their child as my own.

I make sure I am there for the christening ceremonies, I do not believe in having a “proxy”, if I am not there, I do not consider it valid.


Akisha Nicole Agustin,  5


Hannah Francine Madrid,  3


Mickela Ciana Luciano,  2


Brent Cyrus Beat,  1

I currently have four godchildren, three girls and a boy. Aside from their parents being my good friends, these kids have another thing in common, I was one of the first persons their parents told about their conception.  One them I learned about right before the final exams in college began, one, a few months after her parent’s honeymoon to Boracay,  the other two, were few years after college. Along with the good news came the honor of being asked to be their godparent.

Traditionally, godchildren visit their godparent’s house during the holidays to pay respects and of course get their presents. Living in the mountains does have it’s perks. When you invite someone to come over to your house you’ll get various excuses not to accept the invite.  Why is that a perk you say? It is a perk for me because I’m saved the trouble of cleaning and preparing the house for visitors! Lol. This year instead of waiting for my inaanaks to visit me at home, I decided to set a dinner with their parents so it would be more convenient to all parties.

The dinner happened few days ago, met with three of my close friends and their happy families. I was the only one single that day since my other single friends had prior commitments. I was teased by my married friends, asking me when will they see me having my own. I searched myself for any signs of envy and came up with none. I was very happy to see my them having their own family, but I knew I did not want nor am I ready for one just yet.







The dinner was eventful, mostly because of the antics of the kids. Lol. During the course of our meal I saw a new side of my friends, I saw them as parents, I think that was the time that it really dawned to me that they now have another human being to take care of. I liked this new side of them that I saw. Hopefully when my time comes I will be able to do the same.




So far I’ve been blessed with four godchildren, I believe I have another one coming by next year. Keep ’em coming guys!

more adventures coming..

Peace out!


While browsing Facebook feeds I came across this photo. I excitedly downloaded it and was about to hit share when I realized that it pertains to yesterday’s date. Hehe. Oh well, I’ll just use it as the title of this post then.

12.13.14 was a Saturday. I planned to sleep till noon, check my blog, eat,  get some writing done, then meet a couple of friends for dinner. This plan changed when I got an text from my cousin asking me to accompany her in her Christmas shopping. My cousins I are quite close, but we rarely have time to bond, so I obliged to the invite.

One of the things I love and hate about the holiday season is that people seem to crawl out of the wood works all at the same time. It is nice to see families and group of friends bonding while doing their Christmas shopping. However this also means traffic, jam-packed restaurants and fast food, long lines at ATM machines, fitting rooms and cashiers.

This is exactly what my cousin and I encountered at a famous local mall. Fortunately with some patience, focus and luck, we were able to accomplish what we came for. Then came a happy interruption to our plans. We bumped into one of our cousins and she excitedly informed us that there was a free screening of Kapampangan movies. The word “free” was enough to catch my attention, but then she proceeded to tell us that her Mom and her sister were starring in one of the films to be shown!


Next thing I knew we were inside the venue of Cine Kabalen, watching Kapampangan films. Then came Mis Da Ka. the film featuring my relatives. It was a surreal experience to watch people you knew your whole life on screen. The film was brilliant! I was not surprised when a text message from my cousin informed me that her sister bagged the Best Actress trophy, her second consecutive year of winning! and Mis Da Ka won Best Film and Best Director.


Props to everyone involved not only in the movie but in the whole Cine Kabalen event. There should be more events like this.



I then had to rush to another mall to meet with friends. When meeting with friends, I am more often than not late. Haha. It’s probably why karma decided to give me a dose of my own medicine. This time I was the one who was early. My original plan was to have dinner with them, however my stomach had other ideas. I ended up eating a meal by myself by the park benches. Lol.

The meet up was worth the wait though. These are people I knew in college but we moved in different social circles back then. There was hardly a trace of that last night though. Not only did I enjoy their company, I also learned and realized a lot of things. It was one of those moments you wanted to prolong but eventually had to end. It was an awesome ending to a very eventful day. Thanks Legendaries!


Thanks Harry and Hermione!

It’s always good to have a plan. However, life is fond of throwing pleasant surprises and happy accidents our way that can set the plan off course. In these instances, its better to just go with it and have fun rather than be pissed. You might even end up enjoying the change. That was my 12.13.14. How was yours?

***credits to the owners of the photos used in this post

more adventures coming..

Peace out!

Two Parties, One Friday: The Masquerade

“We all have masks, some just wear it better than others.” That is my #medyopadeep quote to start this post which is the second half of the two part series , Two Parties, One Friday.

I lead a pretty boring life. Wake up. Go to work. Go home. Sleep. Repeat.  Once in a while though, life throws adventures my way that break the monotony. November 21 was one of those instances, I suddenly had two parties to attend! Haha.

After leaving the birthday party, I knew I still had a few hours to prepare for the next one. I thought I had enough time to get to the meeting place, rest, then get dressed. I forgot to consider that it was Friday and I will be encountering the rush hour. I arrived at our meeting place with just a few minutes to get ready as our ride will be picking us up soon. One of the perks of being  guy though is that it ‘s quite easy to clean up and look decent. After ten minutes, I was ready for the masquerade.




in doubt,


wear black.

It had to be the earliest Christmas party I have ever been to. I’m not really sure why it was set in November, but it’s a party! A chance to relax  and let loose,  so who cares if it’s early? Lol. I will not bore you with too much words I’ll let the photos do the talking. Some of them are not mine so credits to the photographers. Let’s get this party started!


The event was held at Widus Hotel and Casino, inside Clark.




salad and hor d’oeuvres

That evening I was treated to a visual buffet of good looking people. Everyone was looking fresh and on point. I must say we clean up well.  Naturally, it was a night of full of pictures. Groupies, selfies, the works. Hehe.


Tolits enjoying the adventure. lol


Selfie King. 



the evolution..


from Team Bogans,


to #Team Hotties



Guys, its just me. Chill. lol.


Tolits’ Angels


Isabel Oli. Hehe.


shoutout to these beautiful ladies and their slits


BGC’s last batch


We were so caught up in the narcissistic pleasure of seeing our good looking selves in pictures that we had to be reminded that the party was inside the ballroom not in the lobby. Haha. We went in continued the photo shoot err.. party inside. lol

We were just in time as the Voice of AGL was about to start. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by how good the contestants were. Props you guys! Galing! 





She was so good she got standing ovation from the judges. Congratulations!

So the photo shoot continues..



After stuffing ourselves, it was now time for some dancing and pictures of course!






After a bit of head banging and booty shaking, I went outside to get some air and take more pictures.




photobomber mode

Like all good things, the party is coming to an end, at least for us it is, we were now awake for a good twenty hours, having come from early morning shifts.


IMG_20141121_231658there’s one tired but good looking bunch

One friday, two parties. Went to both of them. Had loads of fun and tons of memories. Back to the routine now until the next adventure comes.

more adventures coming..

Peace out!