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Foodie Fridays: Champas

Disclaimer: It’s Friday on other parts of the world. Haha.

2014-06-13 15.55.19

A few weeks back we were treated to a movie night. The choice was between X-Men and Maleficent. Unfortunately, Mrs. Jolie-Pitt beat the mutants and we ended up watching her movie. Then again it was free and so was the food so I did not complain that much. Hehe.

This post is not about that. It is a short visual diary of the Mexican dining experience I had before the movie. It’s an attempt at being a food blogger. Haha. I’ll try to post one every Foodie Fridays.

Champas was not that big, just enough for an intimate gathering.


It was decorated to give off a Mexican vibe that would be cohesive with the food they serve.

2014-06-13 16.13.13

Not sure what these are called. Are they even Mexican? Lol.


Sumbreros on the wall.


There’s another sumbrero, along with corn and spices on the wall.

Alright! Enough about the place. Lets talk food.


The Menu. Its slightly blurred, izoom nio nalang. Lol.


I guess this is called.. Lemon water? Hehe.

The food was good! Manyaman!

First to be served was this plate of tacos.


Was not able to taste this one since I was busy taking pictures (*sad face) but it looked good.

The tacos were followed by this colorful plate of nachos with cheese dip.


I was curious to find out how it tasted so after this picture I took one and ate it. Much to the disappointment of my companions who were also planning to take a picture of the nachos. Sorry guys! Haha.

Next came the quesadillas. I think they ordered two kinds. The classic and the chicken. I enjoyed the chicken one. It is a must try.


Then came this.


I believe its called Chili con Carne fries. Man, it was so good! The dish was comprised of the colorful nacho chips, and of course chili con carne and fries. The combination was just perfect. We had two plates full of this one. Haha. Its another must try dish of Champas.

What’s good meal with out the company of good people right? 

Team Cachu


Team QA



If I were to rate Champas on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, Id give the place 3 stars, because it was a bit cramped, the food 4 stars, most of it was good and the price 5 stars, we only had to shell out 150 bucks each, for all of that food.


Champas is located at a recently built strip of restaurants  in Fields Avenue, Balibago, Angeles City just right across SM City Clark. One of their staff said they also offer deliveries.  Visit them and enjoy. I know i did.


There you have it folks. My first attempt at being a food blogger. Hehe.


‘Till the next Foodie Friday guys!


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