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Adventures ni Tolits ’14

It’s that time of the year again. Formulate resolutions. Buy twelve pieces of twelve round fruits. Rearrange furniture. Wear something with polka-dots.  Make loud, obnoxious noise. Burn hard earned money(fireworks). It’s the last hurrah before the year ends and the welcome party for the coming new year.  All part of the traditional way of celebrating New Year’s day.

I don’t plan on being tagged as the Scrooge of New Year so I’ll keep my rants about some of these traditions to myself. (Send me a private message on Facebook and I’ll share them with you. Haha.) However one of them I feel strongly about, so I’ll share it. I have never been a fan of the so called “New Year’s Resolutions”. To me these are unrealistic goals that you will either forget or feel bad about, once the year ends and you realize you weren’t able meet them. This belief of mine was further reinforced during a conversation with someone I now consider as a mentor. He said that he prefers reflections over resolutions, mainly because on reflections, you will see how you past choices has affected your present and from there you can base your future. I found myself mentally and physically nodding as he was saying these things. I couldn’t agree more. Two years ago, it seems I had a similar idea. I made a note on Facebook sharing the random realizations I’ve had during the year. This post I’m writing now can be considered as the sequel.

2014 was a year full of adventures. The second day of the first month began with me traveling to Bonifacio Global City to take the final assessment before I officially start a new job.  Prior to this, I never thought I will be able to commute alone going to Manila. I found the idea too intimidating. I realize this might sound exaggerated to some, but that’s how it is for me. Fear of the unknown should not stop us from doing things, you will never know until you try.


Something decided to make a comeback this year, my beer belly! Haha. Late last year till early this year I was finally able to trim my gut to a decent bump. By the middle of the year I noticed my midsection was growing again! I’m not sure if this is a reflection or an excuse but my returning belly meant I am able to have full meals regularly. I need to exercise though.


I’d like to believe that it was maturity and experience that taught me to value relationships over pride. I have lost good friends in the past because I chose pride. There is no shame in making the first move to make amends and keep a relationship. However it’s also important to know which ones to hold on to and which ones to let go. The ones I have now, I intend to keep. You guys know who you are. Ditak kayu mu naman eh. Special mention my best bud,  eight years and counting man! Don’t make me a godfather yet. Let’s get filthy rich first!


I’m not a regular church goer. This is due to the fact that I easily get distracted when attending mass with a lot of people. Getting distracted for me defeats the purpose of going to mass, which is to communicate with God. When I communicate with Him it’s like I’m talking to a best friend and I do this where ever I am because I believe He always listens.


One of the questions I constantly get from family and friends is when will have my own family. I admit I have given this some thought. This will happen eventually, someday I will become a father and have a family of my own but for the time being, I do not see myself ready to take on that road.

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Judging a book by its cover is a well worn cliche for a reason. We tend to pass judgement based by what we see on the surface. Good thing we always have the option to open the book and read it. Several misconceptions of mine were corrected this year. There is really more then meets the eye. (cliche ulit!) Open the book, read it, comprehend. You might discover something legendary.


Writing is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but was never able to. It might have been fear, laziness or both that kept me from pursuing that dream. That dream became a reality because of this blog.(huge thanks WordPress!) I will continue writing my random thoughts on life’s never ending adventures regardless if other people reads it or not. There’s something fulfilling in seeing my thoughts in form of sentences that develop into stories and for me that is more than enough.

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More adventures coming..

 Gratitude 2014! What’s up 2015?! Happy New Year!