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Isang Sabado sa Plaza Angel

Isang Sabado ng gabi, matapos namin tumambay at maghapunan, nag-aya maglaka-lakad ang isa sa aking mga kasama para magpababa ng kinain. Wala naman kaming partikular na destinasyon, basta maglalakad lang. Napadaan kami at napatigil sa tapat ng Museo ning Angeles dahil sa isang pagtatanghal na kasalukuyang idinadaos doon. Nagtaka ako noong una, pamilyar ang tono ng inaawit ng batang babae subalit parang may iba. Nang tumagal napagtanto ko na isa itong mainstream na awit na isinalin sa wikang Kampampangan.

Base sa mga poster na nakasabit sa paligid ang pagtatanghal na ito ay para sa pagdiriwang ng Valentines Day. Minsan ko nang naisulat ang tungkol sa pagsasaayos ng harapan ng Museo upang maging isang tamabayan at kainan. Sa aking palagay isa ita sa mga entertainment nila upang mas makahatak ng parokyano.  Isang itong magandang ideya dahil bukod sa sakto ito sa theme ng lugar ay itinatampok pa nito ang  wikang Kapampangan.

May dalawang pares na tila ba nagliligawan na nagsilbing mga host ng programa. Ilang kabataan ang umawit ng mga popular na awitin na isinalin sa wikang Kapampangan. Pinaka naaliw ako sa isang pares ng batang lalake at babae na tila aso’t pusa sa una at nagkagustuhan din ng huli. Mahusay din ang pagkakasalin at pag-awit ni Sebya (isa sa mga host) ng Just Give Me a Reason ni Pink.

Hindi nawala ang ngiti sa mukha ko at ng aking mga kasama sa buong pagtatangahal. Aliw na aliw at bilib kami sa lahat ng mga batang umawit at gayun din sa mga nag host. Sa lahat ng nasa likod ng produksyong aming napanuod, ang gagaling ninyo! Saludo ako sa inyo. Maraming Salamat! Isa itong mainam na pagtatapos ng aming mga gabi.




Ninong Duties

One buddy of mine has twenty seven, another has forty plus of them. I’m talking about godchildren or “inaanaks”. This is quite mind blowing for me as I only have four. Hehe.  As a socially awkward person, I am fully aware that I do not have large number of friends and acquaintances and I like it that way. I know the ones I do have are for keeps. I’d rather have a hand full of real friends than a crowd of acquaintances. This, and probably the fact that I’m an infamous “kuripot” are the reasons why I have a modest number of godchildren.

A godparent for me is not just someone who gives money or presents every Christmas. It’s a lifetime commitment to be the child’s second parent, to help in any way possible in raising the child to become a good person. This is why I consider it as a huge honor when someone asks me to be a part of his or her child’s life as their godfather. For me this equates to trust. Trust that I can be a good influence in their child’s life. Trust that I will consider their child as my own.

I make sure I am there for the christening ceremonies, I do not believe in having a “proxy”, if I am not there, I do not consider it valid.


Akisha Nicole Agustin,  5


Hannah Francine Madrid,  3


Mickela Ciana Luciano,  2


Brent Cyrus Beat,  1

I currently have four godchildren, three girls and a boy. Aside from their parents being my good friends, these kids have another thing in common, I was one of the first persons their parents told about their conception.  One them I learned about right before the final exams in college began, one, a few months after her parent’s honeymoon to Boracay,  the other two, were few years after college. Along with the good news came the honor of being asked to be their godparent.

Traditionally, godchildren visit their godparent’s house during the holidays to pay respects and of course get their presents. Living in the mountains does have it’s perks. When you invite someone to come over to your house you’ll get various excuses not to accept the invite.  Why is that a perk you say? It is a perk for me because I’m saved the trouble of cleaning and preparing the house for visitors! Lol. This year instead of waiting for my inaanaks to visit me at home, I decided to set a dinner with their parents so it would be more convenient to all parties.

The dinner happened few days ago, met with three of my close friends and their happy families. I was the only one single that day since my other single friends had prior commitments. I was teased by my married friends, asking me when will they see me having my own. I searched myself for any signs of envy and came up with none. I was very happy to see my them having their own family, but I knew I did not want nor am I ready for one just yet.







The dinner was eventful, mostly because of the antics of the kids. Lol. During the course of our meal I saw a new side of my friends, I saw them as parents, I think that was the time that it really dawned to me that they now have another human being to take care of. I liked this new side of them that I saw. Hopefully when my time comes I will be able to do the same.




So far I’ve been blessed with four godchildren, I believe I have another one coming by next year. Keep ’em coming guys!

more adventures coming..

Peace out!

Two Parties, One Friday: The Masquerade

“We all have masks, some just wear it better than others.” That is my #medyopadeep quote to start this post which is the second half of the two part series , Two Parties, One Friday.

I lead a pretty boring life. Wake up. Go to work. Go home. Sleep. Repeat.  Once in a while though, life throws adventures my way that break the monotony. November 21 was one of those instances, I suddenly had two parties to attend! Haha.

After leaving the birthday party, I knew I still had a few hours to prepare for the next one. I thought I had enough time to get to the meeting place, rest, then get dressed. I forgot to consider that it was Friday and I will be encountering the rush hour. I arrived at our meeting place with just a few minutes to get ready as our ride will be picking us up soon. One of the perks of being  guy though is that it ‘s quite easy to clean up and look decent. After ten minutes, I was ready for the masquerade.




in doubt,


wear black.

It had to be the earliest Christmas party I have ever been to. I’m not really sure why it was set in November, but it’s a party! A chance to relax  and let loose,  so who cares if it’s early? Lol. I will not bore you with too much words I’ll let the photos do the talking. Some of them are not mine so credits to the photographers. Let’s get this party started!


The event was held at Widus Hotel and Casino, inside Clark.




salad and hor d’oeuvres

That evening I was treated to a visual buffet of good looking people. Everyone was looking fresh and on point. I must say we clean up well.  Naturally, it was a night of full of pictures. Groupies, selfies, the works. Hehe.


Tolits enjoying the adventure. lol


Selfie King. 



the evolution..


from Team Bogans,


to #Team Hotties



Guys, its just me. Chill. lol.


Tolits’ Angels


Isabel Oli. Hehe.


shoutout to these beautiful ladies and their slits


BGC’s last batch


We were so caught up in the narcissistic pleasure of seeing our good looking selves in pictures that we had to be reminded that the party was inside the ballroom not in the lobby. Haha. We went in continued the photo shoot err.. party inside. lol

We were just in time as the Voice of AGL was about to start. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by how good the contestants were. Props you guys! Galing! 





She was so good she got standing ovation from the judges. Congratulations!

So the photo shoot continues..



After stuffing ourselves, it was now time for some dancing and pictures of course!






After a bit of head banging and booty shaking, I went outside to get some air and take more pictures.




photobomber mode

Like all good things, the party is coming to an end, at least for us it is, we were now awake for a good twenty hours, having come from early morning shifts.


IMG_20141121_231658there’s one tired but good looking bunch

One friday, two parties. Went to both of them. Had loads of fun and tons of memories. Back to the routine now until the next adventure comes.

more adventures coming..

Peace out!

Two Parties, One Friday: Brent’s 1st


What I love about kids is their honesty. When a child smiles at you, you know that smile is genuine. Their laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds you can hear because you know it’s true.

A child does not have pretensions, what you see is what you get.  They do not know insecurities, they are innocent,  trusting and  easy to please. If only we could have stayed that way while we matured, maybe the world would have been a better place.

Alright. Enough of that #medyopadeep words. Hehe.  This is a fun post! It’s the 1st birthday of this cute kid Brent Cyrus Beat, first born of my brotha from another motha Beat. He’s my fourth inaanak so far, he’s the first one to get a blog post though.  Hindi pa ako nagpapakablogger nung sa tatlo eh. Haha.

I knew it was going to be a fun but busy day. My work started 5:00am and I had two parties to attend after, (parang artista lang di ba? Haha.) Brent’s birthday one of them. There I was at the jeepney terminal to Camuning, Mexico, worried about the long waiting time when I caught a lucky break ,  Beat’s family arrived and they were enough to fill the jeepney  we were on our way in no time.

I must say I was impressed with the set up. Beat proudly told me it was all the effort of his lovely wife. Mareng Pia. Good job mare!




adorable birthday boy 


proud parents and the guests


poging bata! mana sa ninong!

The children’s party began when the clowns came out and facilitated the games. While the kids played the older guests began to eat. Another brotha from another motha arrived at this point, Carlo along with his beautiful family, Mareng Mick and my lovely inaanak Mickela which grew so much since I last saw her.  It was a quick catch up session since I nearly had to leave for the other party. I much as I had wanted to stay for the adult part of Brent’s party,(Inuman!!! Hehe.) I said my good byes and went on my way to the next event that day.  All was carefully timed and calculated, I was sure I will be able to arrive at the meeting place to rest and change clothes. Oh boy was I wrong! I forgot to include a few things  in my calculations. Friday rush hour equals traffic equals late! Lol.

party number two in  while,

more adventures coming..

Peace out!

The Perks (and pains) of Being an Only Child

Inspiration came at the unlikeliest and weirdest of places. I’ll keep the location to myself. Sorry. Hehe. The point here is I was struck by sudden inspiration, and here I am writing about it.

Few months back I started my #bloggerdreams by talking about the ups and downs of being single. After a relatively long hiatus, it seems fitting that for my “comeback” I write something related to my first post. Heck, maybe I’ll even make this into a series. Haha.

People often get surprised when they learn that I am an only child. This may be because its normal to have siblings and it’s quite “rare” to be the only one. When the initial surprise wears off, (which happens quite quickly) the questions start. “Spoiled ka siguru ne?”, “E makaynip?”, “Nanung feeling?” I also get reactions ranging from envy, “Apa ika ala kang kasamsaman” to pity “Ay, ikang dili mo, kalungkot naman.” After years of these questions and reactions, I’ve become immune to them. I don’t give it much thought anymore. My general response is to smile, it can be a fake one, or genuine depending on my mood.

For those who were blessed (ahmm.. blessed ba talaga? Haha.) with siblings, it can be hard to imagine or understand how being an only child is. Guess that justifies the curiosity. This is for you guys, I’ll try to answer the questions you asked and maybe even the ones you haven’t even thought of. Alright let’s do this! Perks and Pains style.

Being an only child taught me how to be independent. I can go to places, eat, and do my errands alone without feeling uncomfortable or sorry for myself. I am not a hermit or anti social, I understand the appeal of having people around,  I know it is more fun to do things with friends, but what I don’t understand is why some people always need someone to be with them to do things. Ali la maka kimut  na ilang dili. 

The thing about being independent is that since I’m more used to dealing with just myself, I’m quite unsure as to how to deal with other people. When in company of strangers I don’t speak unless spoken to. I am not sure what to say or how to act,  so it’s better safe and silent. This often comes across as me being snobbish, trust me, that is one thing that I am not. I’m just  socially awkward.

Alright, next up is one of the frequently asked questions. Here is my answer. Yes I am spoiled. I know people tend to have a negative connotation about this word so I’ll make myself clear. Nope, I did not get all that I wanted. I am not spoiled that way. I am spoiled with attention,  never had compete for it.  “Aku ing bida”

I’d like to think that I am more mature now and I am way over this, but  when I was younger (like two years ago, when I was 18. Hehe.) I did not appreciate it when I had to share the attention. I turn into this green monster and destroy everything. Haha. That would have been exciting if it were true, but in those situations I just kept what I was feeling to myself.

Another thing that I like about being an only  child is that it gave me a chance to choose who my brothers and sisters will be.  I did not get them by default of  having the same parents. The siblings I have now, I was able to gain through the years of my life. They are my close friends, brothers and sisters from other parents. We may not be related by blood, but we are connected by soul. (#medyopadeep Haha.)

Having siblings has been one of my dreams before. Being an only child does get lonely at times, I just choose not dwell on it.  I’ve accepted and embraced the fact that I am the only one and I’m cool with that.  Especially  since I can choose who I like to be my siblings. Unfortunately having the power to pick them does not give me the ability to make them stay, that will be their choice. Win some, lose some. That’s life.

Being on only child can either be a blessing or a curse depending on your attitude towards it.  It has it perks, it has its pains just like everything else in the world.  God choose to give me this blessing and I am grateful for it. Why? well for one thing it gave me the inspiration to write again! That is it for now, but there may be a part two. Abangan.  Hehe.



Peace out!



Forever Young

Today is my birthday.

I did not plan to write a post about my birthday on my birthday because it feels expected. As much as possible I try to avoid doing what is expected. I’m weird that way. At the moment I am in fact trying to finish a post about my Sinagtala trip, one that I have been working on for a week now.

I do not go to church every Sunday. I have no specific reason as to why I don’t go, but this might be because going to chruch on that day is what is expected.  On random days I visit the chapel behind the Holy Rosary Parish chruch and since July 1, 2014  decided to start a tradition of visiting Camelite Monastery every first day of the month.

Today was one of those random days. Well mostly its because it is my birthday.  I sat at one of the pews of Holy Rosary Parish church and had a conversation with Him. In our conversation I was thanking Him for another year that He has given me.  I sat there looking back the past years and realized I had a lot to be thankful for. My mind changed after that chruch visit. I had to write down this epiphany.

I have been alive for past two decades now. My life has never been perfect. I have had my share of unfortunate events more than I care to count or remember. What I have come to realize though is for every unfortunate event, He gives me a blessing. I never had a lot, but it never happened that I had none. I have been sick, but not too sick to be hospitalized. I have been down, but I am always able to stand up. I have been beaten, but I will never be broken. For all of these I am very grateful.

Another year has been added to my life. When someone asks me how old I am, it takes me awhile to answer. This is because I stopped counting a long time ago. I have no problems with getting older. In fact I don’t care much of it.  As cliche as it sounds age is nothing but a number. It’s not  the measure of a person. It should not stop anyone from doing what they want. Do not count years. Count your blessings and be grateful. Do not count your age. Count your learnings and continue to be wiser. Even when the lines and grey hairs start to show it’s still your choice. When everyone expects you to be old, You can still choose to be forever young.


Peace out.


This is a self deprecating post. I’ll be admitting one of my flaws. Something that I am not proud of. Something I’ve tried to hide but always seem to find its way to the surface. Alright, here goes nothing.

I am chronically late. There I ‘ve said it. Kala niyo ano na ne? Lol.  Apologies for the build up,  just thought it would be fun. Haha.

So chronic lateness. Tell me that the meeting time is 9:00am and somehow my brain registers that as 9:00am will be the time that I’ll  leave the house. Lol. It’s a bad habit and as I’ve mentioned, I am not proud of it.

As cliche as “Time is Gold” is, it is still true. Time is valuable. Every minute wasted on being late is a minute that could have been used to do something productive. Being on time signifies respect or the lack of it. When you are on time it shows that you value the other person’s efforts to be there and meet you on the agreed time.

I have been working on eliminating this habit of mine from my daily life and I have been partly successful, partly since I still fail at times. Hehe. What can I say, I am not perfect.

Some would say that this can be attributed to culture. That being late is a proof of me being a Filipino. We are so well known for our chronic lateness that there is even a phrase for it,“Filipino Time” which generally means being at least an hour late from the agreed time. To us Filipinos this is an unspoken agreement that when told 9:00am not all will arrive on time.

In other cultures it is considered rude to be late.  One can probably brush this off and say each to his own, sila yun iba ako, walang pakialamanan. Then again, wouldn’t it be nice if we can change the connotation of “Filipino Time” from negative to positive?..


Peace out.


I really missed writing. It has become my form of release, an outlet to voice out thoughts, share ideas and experiences, a great way to relieve stress. It’s the reason adventuresnitolits came to be. I have been quite inactive recently though, caused by poor time management and a minor case of writer’s block. That ends today. After almost a months hiatus, I’m back to continue the #bloggerdreams. Lol.

I am currently working on several posts. Several because after the break, my head is now flooded with ideas and thoughts. To borrow the words of Augustus Waters, my thoughts are like stars, I’m still trying to form them into constellations. Hopefully these constellations will help brighten someone’s day just like they do mine.

I am stoked to be writing again. It does not really matter if someone will read what I write. I admit it feels nice when someone tells me that they were able to read what I wrote but that is not my motivation in writing. I do it for me, because it makes me happy. Its that simple. We only live once, we should do what makes us happy, for me one of those things is writing. The adventures of tolits continues. You are all welcome to join me in this journey.

New posts will be up soon! Peace out.



I want..


a drastic change.

to feel different.

to feel good.

to look different.

to look good.

I want..


new experiences.

to travel.

to see the Phillipines.

to see the world.

I want..

to live.

 to live to the fullest.

to enjoy life.

 to savor each moment.

I want..


to share happiness

lasting happiness.

I want..


to be loved.

to give love.

to spread love.

I want ..

to be me.

to leave a mark.

to make a difference.

to be the change.