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Foodie Fridays : Baler Food Adventure

A pimped up Volkawagen beetle used as a BBQ grill. Drinking fresh buko juice, moments after it was taken from the tree. Fresh and healthy Pako salad. Unlimited seafood and dessert buffet for two hundred bucks. These are the thoughts that come to mind when I look back at this food adventure. This post will kick start the summer posts for the Foodie Fridays series.

After a being tossed around by the waves of the Pacific Ocean, our group was famished. We decided to leave the resort for lunch and explore a bit of Baler after.  Our trusty friends, GPS and Google lead us to the bay walk area of Sabang Beach. From what I’ve heard this part of Baler is quite popular with surfers, true enough there were surf boards on display. Surfers and those who want to learn how to surf were out on the beach.




It’s safe to say that the place where we had our lunch took its inspiration from its location. Baler Surfer Grill is an alfresco food place that offer grilled meat and seafood. The food choices are split in  two categories, the Pro Surfer meal and the Beginner meal, they are basically the same except for the serving size. While eating the sea breeze will keep you cool and the sound of the waves will be the background music.



The bright red Volkswagen beetle immediately caught my eye. I found it odd that they have it displayed there, it did not seem to be cohesive with the theme of the place. I got my answer after a few minutes when my buddy pointed it out to me. The beetle was a BBQ grill! How awesome is that?!



After ordering our lunch, two of our companions set out to buy our drinks and came back with buko, fresh from the tree. Here was my lunch.



Baler Surfer Grill’s Bulalo BBQ, Pro Surfer size at Php 200


A quick groupie before eating.

The whole dining experience was extremely satisfying, all senses being fed at the same time. If you are planning to visit Baler be sure to include Baler Surfer Grill in your itinerary.

We went ahead with our plan and explored Baler, more on that on my next posts. After our mini field trip around Baler we visited the public market to buy goods for our dinner that night.



I was pleasantly surprised that we only had to pay twenty bucks for a kilo of native tomatoes and a half a kilo of green mangos. The pako was also not that expensive compared to how it is priced here. After buying chicharon and singkamas we were done and ready to go back to the resort.  Here was our spread that night.


1425978186655Pako Salad

The next day was our last day in Baler. After a day full of adventures we decided to have lunch at this buffet  restaurant that is famous among the locals and was even named the best place to eat in Baler by a television show. For only two hundred bucks one can enjoy unlimited seafood and dessert buffet at Gerry Shan’s. I was so excited to eat that I only got to take a picture of the food on my plate and nothing else. Lol.


One hack I often use when eating at  buffet or even at parties and fiestas is to get a bit of rice and small portions of all the dishes I wanted to sample, that way I get to taste all of what is served before feeling full. Needless to say we all left the place happy and satisfied. The food was worth every cent that was paid for it. Gerry Shan’s is indeed one food places you need to visit if you ever find yourself in Baler.


Biyahe ni Tolits

Over all, this awesome Baler food adventure gets five, unexpert Foodie Fridays  stars.  Good job Baler!

Foodie Fridays : Indonyaki

Few weeks back, I had the chance to visit Maginhawa Street in Quezon City. The street gained popularity due to its numerous food places. The whole extent of the street was a collection of coffee shops, restaurants, hole in the wall food spots and diners. Due to time and budget constraints we were not able to fully explore all of what Maginhawa Street had to offer. This gives me an excuse to plan another visit soon.

We were starving, and looking for somewhere to eat was our top priority. Good thing we were at a place that gives us plenty of choices. Two of my companions just came back from Indonesia, one because of a language scholarship and one for couch surfing. They we telling us of their encounters with Indonesian cuisine. Luckily, I did not have to travel all the way to Indonesia to get an idea of how their food there looks and tastes like.

Indonyaki is one of the hole in the wall food spots in Magihawa Street. The place serves Indonesian cuisine, the dining is al fresco style and it’s awesome! Since the two of them know what the words on the menu corresponds to, we let them order. (How am I supposed to know what Ayam Goreng is?! Lol.) Then we waited with hungry anticipation.

We had different ways to pass time while waiting for our food to be served.



When our food arrived, I found out that Ayam Goreng was a big serving of fried chicken! Here is the rest of what they ordered for us to feast on.


The food was awesome! Nasi Goreng is similar fried rice, it was the perfect base for our main dishes. Paired with the two dipping sauces, the lumpia and ayam goreng will make you forget your diet. Sambal, the red sauce was my favorite. It was like salsa but spicier and tastier.  Saus Kacang for me was a hybrid of gravy and peanut sauce. According to the two who have been to Indonesia these dishes we tried were a bit more flavorful than the authentic ones they have tried there. I stored this trivia in the subconscious part of my brain to use when I do get the chance to sample the authentic dishes myself. (One can dream right?! Lol.)

After a very satisfying late lunch, we then went to this interesting cafe, to pass time before we go to the next place in our itinerary. Will blog about my adventure on that cafe soon. For now, here are my unexpert ratings for Indonyaki.

FOOD = ☆☆☆☆☆

PLACE = ☆☆☆

PRICE = ☆☆☆☆☆


more adventures coming..

Foodie Fridays: Tsokolate Batirol, Isaw at Fishball

Hindi ko alam bakit nung naiispan kong mag blog ay English ang ginamit kong wika. Hindi madaling magsulat o magsalita ng English. Aminado ako na hindi ako maalam sa proper grammar at kung saan  dapat ilagay ang mga puncuation marks. Basta hindi pangit sa pandinig pag binasa ng malakas, okay na yun. Siguro ego yun, para mapakita ko na kaya ko mag English, pwede ding para maintindihan din ito ng ibang lahi, universal language nga naman hindi ba. Hanggang ngayon wala akong maibibigay na siguradong dahilan bakit hindi Filipino o Kapampangan ang ginamit kong medium.

Ito ang unang post ko na sariling wika ang gagamitin ko. Pinoy street food ang topic ng Foodie Fridays ngayon at  sa palagay ko mas bagay gamitin ang sariling wika. Nakakapanibago.  Sanay ako magsalita ng Filipino pero ang huling sulat ko ng ganito ay noon pang college. Hindi ako dalubhasa sa pagamit ng purong Filipino kaya malamang maghahalo halo ang English, Filipino at Kapampangan sa post na ito. Iyon ang gusto ko sa pag bablog, walang istriktong panuntunan, basta naiintindihan ko at ng mga magbabasa, ayos na. Iyan naman e opinion ko lamang.

Kagabi, nagkaroon ako ulit ng pagkakataon na sumali sa pratice ng bago kong nalaman na ehersisyo. Matapos nito masarap at magaan ang isip at katawan ko pero gutom ako. Gusto ko ng inihaw na isaw! Noong nakaraang taon ay inayos ang harap ng Museo ning Angeles. Nagtayo sila ng cafe sa loob at may mga nagbebenta din ng samut saring street food sa may bandang gilid nito. Magandang ideya ito dahil malapit ang lugar sa simbahan at mga eskwelahan. Tila pinagsama ang bago at luma dito, mula sa disenyo ng lugar at mga pagkain na maaring orderin. Kaiba sa mga naunang Foodie Fridays na mga unexpert food review, ito ay simpleng pagkukwento lang ng experience ko kagabi.

Una kong nalaman na may nagbebenta ng inihaw isaw dito mula sa isang kaibigan. Masarap ang sauce at mura ang tinda nilang isaw. Tila isang naglilihi, ilang araw ko din inisip at ginusto kumain ulit nito. May mga iba pang maaring bilhin gaya ng hotdog, pork at chicken barbeque, at betamax. Pero nung gabing yon, isaw lang talaga ang nasa isip ko.



Tsokolate batirol at fishball naman ang cravings ng kasama ko kaya pagkakuha namin ng puwesto, kanya kanya kaming lakad papunta sa aming kaligayahan. Sa pagkakaalam ko, ang tsokolate batirol ay isang old school na inumin na bumabalik sa mainstream ngayon.   Unang beses na matitikman ko ang inuming ito. Excited ako. Nakalimutan kong mainit pala at napaso ako mula dila, lalamunan at gumihit hanggang tiyan. Hindi talaga magandang magsama ang katakawan at excitement.


Masarap maupo sa isang open na lugar, kumain at magkuwentuhan. Maganda sa mata ang paghahalo ng luma at bago. Mula sa kinauupuan ko tanaw ko ang simbahan ng Holy Rosary at sa gilid ko naman ay ang dati kong eskuwelahan. Presko ang hangin.  Sa harap namin ay ang mga pagkaing simple pero masarap. Samahan mo pa ng makabuluhang usapan. Solb na ang gabi! Sa madaling sabi, nakuha namin ang gusto namin.



Ayos! Nairaos ko ang unang Filipino post ko! Masarap pala sa pakiramdam. Uulitin ko ito.

more adventures coming..

Peace out!

Foodie Fridays: YMERLEE

I recently discovered a new way to exercise. It’s something different than what I was doing before. This new practice engages not only the body but also the mind. More on that later, for now I will focus on what I did after.  What’s the best thing to do after an intense workout? Eat of course! After our practice one of us craved for the tapsilog of a certain eatery in Angeles City. He sounded so enthusiastic about it and we were all hungry, so it was decided that we have dinner there.

It’s fairly easy to get to this place, but since I am not very good in giving directions(I sometimes get confused between right and left. *sad face.) you will just have to bear with me with this one. From what I can remember we rode a gray Check Point Hi-way jeep until a place in Angeles City called Crossing. I think the place got its name because back then it was the part where the railroad tracks crossed paths with the streets.  The train and its tracks are now long gone and in its place is a newly landscaped public park. Crossing is quite popular due to the long line of eateries here that serve delicious Kapampangan dishes including the famous sisig. Sisig was not the reason we were there that night though, we started walking to this tapsilog place.

Interesting but embarrassing fact. It was my first time to go to Crossing. I only pass by it on my way to places but I’ve never had the chance to actually experience it. I was fascinated with what I was seeing while we were walking, as I always am when in new places. I tried to be discreet about it though since I did not want my companions to notice my fascination and explain it was my first time there. Lol.

After about  five minutes of walking we reached our destination.


The place was packed. It’s either all of these people had the same idea as we did or the place was really popular. I think it was both. We ended up getting a table outside by the side of the eatery. Eating alfresco was fine by me, my only concern was that the ground slanted downward hence the table was slanted too. I got the honor of sitting on the side where table slants downward. One wrong move from anyone of us will send all the contents of the table down to my lap.



I was hungry. The place was packed. I did not want my companions to be in the same predicament I was in. I took it as a challenge. Hehe. When our food arrived, it looked normal. Nothing out of the ordinary.


My thoughts on it changed after my first bite. Man, it was good!! My companions were engaged in a conversation while eating but I was too busy stuffing my face to join their conversation. I finished the entire meal plus extra rice roughly ten minutes ahead of them. To say I enjoyed it will be an understatement. Haha. Here’s the best part, if I remember it right the meal cost less than P70! San ka pa?! I joined the conversation when my plate looked like this.


My brother, the one who suggested we eat there pointed out to me that directly behind us was the building of the old train station. Being a Potterhead, I had flashes of platform nine and three quarters after he told me this. Haha.

The only bad thing I can say about YMERLEE is the face and attitude of the cashier when we were paying our tab. Her face was sour and scrunched up when she told us they do not have change for one of my companions bills. Maybe she was just tired. The taste and memory of the food I just ate was stronger, so I still left the tapsilogan a happy customer. It’s another place I will return to for another meal.

My unexpert ratings? Alright.

Food = ☆☆☆☆☆

Place = ☆☆☆

Price = ☆☆☆☆☆

Service = ☆☆

more adventures coming..

Peace out!

Foodie Fridays : Oppa

Yes, you read it right! Foodie Fridays is back! Hehe. My attempts at being a food blogger took a back seat due to the busy past few months. As a result, I am now facing an awesome problem, I have a pile of back log waiting to be posted.  Haha. A good example of how far behind I am is this post, I have been to this place three times already and I am just writing about it now. Lol.

When a Kapampangan hears the words “Walking Street” several images immediately pop in their minds and none of these images are wholesome.


The Walking Street in Fields Avenue, Balibago is the infamous red light district of Angeles City.


It’s a place frequented by people, mostly foreigners, looking for a good time. I will no longer elaborate what I mean by “good time” since I intend to keep this blog PG 13. Lol.


I must admit, I am one of those people with that preconceived notion about the Walking Street. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that at the midst of the girly bars was a Korean food haven.


It was a rainy afternoon on my first visit, if I remember it right there was a storm then. My beautiful work mates invited me to join their food trip, who am I to refuse? Hehe. We choose a table at the second level and ordered.


The weather at time called for it, so we ordered two bowls of seafood ramyun, one for them and one for me. Hehe. We were also given free iced coffee! Hehe.


Seafood ramyun

I was so focused on my food, I neglected my #bloggerduties. Lol. I left the place thinking “Oppa” meant delicious in Korean.

I learned the correct meaning of the word from a Korean friend. According to him, in their language the word Oppa means older brother of a female. It can also at times, with the right tone of voice, be used by girls to flirt with guys they like. A very witty name for a Korean  restaurant at the Walking Street. Lol.

On my second visit I was with a good friend who wanted to try the seafood ramyun. I, on the other hand decided to try a different dish. The menu listed the dish as Don Gas, it was recommended by the waitress saying it was one of their best sellers. When our orders arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Don Gas is a super sized breaded pork cutlet served with sticky rice, a sunny side up egg and vegetable strips with a spicy and tangy red paste.


Don Gas

 We were quite hungry then so..


 Cheese Kimbap

I’m pretty sure that no Korean dining experience will be complete without the side dishes.


As it turns out, the dish I ordered was good for two persons and I found it challenging to finish. Not one to waste good food though, I was able to clean my plate. Lol. Half of the cheese kimbap I ended up taking home. My only complaint, is on this visit we were not served free iced coffee which I know is part of the meal. I think I asked about five times with three different people, all of them saying “Tignan ko lang po..” but until we finished our meal, no iced coffee arrived.

A few days ago, while sorting files I came across the photos of my previous food trips at Oppa. I decided it was high time that I try to blog about it. With a good friend and fellow bookworm, I decided to go back to Oppa, this time on full blogger mode.

The set up of the place was pretty straight forward, no unnecessary fixtures, just tables, chairs and the counter where they prepared the side dishes. However this does not mean that the place looked boring. The walls had these huge murals which did not look Korean to me but are none the less awesome.


The space could comfortably accommodate about twenty to thirty people at the same time. It’s split into two levels, I personally like sitting on the second level because of the view.

One of the things I like about eating at a foreign restaurant, (I’ve been to two so far. Haha.) is the challenge posed by the menu. It’s perplexingly fun to figure out which dish to order based on their names.


My companion/photographer for the day and and I settled for  Bibimbap and Tuna Kimbap.


Bibimbap is a mix of veggies, seaweed strips, sticky rice, beef and a sunny side up egg. I noticed that the side dishes served vary, it might be depending on what is available. Another thing I noticed about Korean food is that it is heavy  on the stomach. I again ended up taking home half of the Tuna Kimbap, not that I’m complaining though. Lol.


Before I give my “verdict”, let me share some fun facts.

On all three of my visits to Oppa, I unintentionally wore the same black shirt! Lol.

While posing for the featured photo, a Korean guy in front of the restaurant thought we were taking a picture of him and offered a toast with his iced coffee, it was an awkward and funny moment. Haha.

Alright, un expert ratings time! Five stars the highest.

Food = ☆☆☆☆☆

Place = ☆☆☆☆

Price = ☆☆☆☆

Service = ☆☆☆ This is because of the inconsistent iced coffee issue and one waitress unable to answer which was their best seller.

Looking at the bigger picture though,  I can easily overlook the average service because of  the good food. I definitely will be back for another meal.

more adventures coming..

Peace out!

Foodie Fridays : Ikabud

This post will feature two of my favorite words.

1) FREE. It’s the word that almost all of us love.

2) FOOD. It’s Foodie Fridays!

Yes, this post is about FREE FOOD! Cool right?! Hehe.

Tuesday last week, we celebrated what our team leader claims to be her 19th birthday at Ikabud, SM City Clark.


This restaurant has been around for quite some time now, but this would just be the second time that I would eat here. See, I don’t usually go to restuarants. Id choose a karinderya over a restaurant in a heartbeat. Now you might be thinking that Im down to earth or something, ahhh, nope. That’s just because, I am kuripot. Lol.

I was one of the first to be there to make reservations, since we were going to be a big group of at least 20 persons.


While they were busy ordering our feast, I was busy with blogger duties. Hehe.


Cool kiddie chair. I tried sitting on it and I actually fit! Way cool! Haha.


Dunno what this is called. Sorry. Lol.

The word rustic comes to mind when one enters Ikabud. Its a lot of wood and bricks. A stark contrast against the mall’s modern design. 


Spot the flag


The battlefield

We got aquainted with the menu and pretty much ordered what was written on it. Lol.


Zoom required.

While food was being prepared, Retrica and the podstick kept us busy.




Then one by one, pieces of heaven began to arrive. Being the dedicated blogger that I am, I did not let them touch the food until I’ve taken a photo of it. Haha.

Warning. What follows will trigger pangs of hunger. Food Porn Alert!


Garlic and Fiesta rice.




Chicharon Bulaklak






Stuffed Pusit




Binagoongang Lechon


Lechon sa Gata


Birthday Cakes


To wash all that down. 

The food was delicious. Made even better by the fact that it was free. Hehe. I filled my plate with portions of everything, ignored everyone and began to eat. Eat. Eat. By the time I was done I was so full that I suddenly felt sleepy. No wonder I’m getting fat. Hehe.

What better way to stay awake than to start another podstick session. If you haven’t tried taking photos with a podstick yet, you are missing out on a lot of fun! Its quite addicting, obviously. Haha.






This post is about free food. It was. Because while I’m writing it I realized something, Its not just about free food. Its about relaxing after a tiring day at work. Its about making memories, building relationships, strengthening bonds that would soon turn colleagues into good friends.


Alright! Verdict time! Here are my Unexpert Ratings for Ikabud. Five stars being the highest.

Food = ☆☆☆☆

Place = ☆☆☆☆

Price = N/A  (Thanks TL! Lol.)

Ikabud is located at the ground floor of the new wing of SM City Clark, Balibago, Angeles City.

Complete photo gallery at

Foodie Fridays: Champas

Disclaimer: It’s Friday on other parts of the world. Haha.

2014-06-13 15.55.19

A few weeks back we were treated to a movie night. The choice was between X-Men and Maleficent. Unfortunately, Mrs. Jolie-Pitt beat the mutants and we ended up watching her movie. Then again it was free and so was the food so I did not complain that much. Hehe.

This post is not about that. It is a short visual diary of the Mexican dining experience I had before the movie. It’s an attempt at being a food blogger. Haha. I’ll try to post one every Foodie Fridays.

Champas was not that big, just enough for an intimate gathering.


It was decorated to give off a Mexican vibe that would be cohesive with the food they serve.

2014-06-13 16.13.13

Not sure what these are called. Are they even Mexican? Lol.


Sumbreros on the wall.


There’s another sumbrero, along with corn and spices on the wall.

Alright! Enough about the place. Lets talk food.


The Menu. Its slightly blurred, izoom nio nalang. Lol.


I guess this is called.. Lemon water? Hehe.

The food was good! Manyaman!

First to be served was this plate of tacos.


Was not able to taste this one since I was busy taking pictures (*sad face) but it looked good.

The tacos were followed by this colorful plate of nachos with cheese dip.


I was curious to find out how it tasted so after this picture I took one and ate it. Much to the disappointment of my companions who were also planning to take a picture of the nachos. Sorry guys! Haha.

Next came the quesadillas. I think they ordered two kinds. The classic and the chicken. I enjoyed the chicken one. It is a must try.


Then came this.


I believe its called Chili con Carne fries. Man, it was so good! The dish was comprised of the colorful nacho chips, and of course chili con carne and fries. The combination was just perfect. We had two plates full of this one. Haha. Its another must try dish of Champas.

What’s good meal with out the company of good people right? 

Team Cachu


Team QA



If I were to rate Champas on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, Id give the place 3 stars, because it was a bit cramped, the food 4 stars, most of it was good and the price 5 stars, we only had to shell out 150 bucks each, for all of that food.


Champas is located at a recently built strip of restaurants  in Fields Avenue, Balibago, Angeles City just right across SM City Clark. One of their staff said they also offer deliveries.  Visit them and enjoy. I know i did.


There you have it folks. My first attempt at being a food blogger. Hehe.


‘Till the next Foodie Friday guys!


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