Two Parties, One Friday: Brent’s 1st


What I love about kids is their honesty. When a child smiles at you, you know that smile is genuine. Their laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds you can hear because you know it’s true.

A child does not have pretensions, what you see is what you get.  They do not know insecurities, they are innocent,  trusting and  easy to please. If only we could have stayed that way while we matured, maybe the world would have been a better place.

Alright. Enough of that #medyopadeep words. Hehe.  This is a fun post! It’s the 1st birthday of this cute kid Brent Cyrus Beat, first born of my brotha from another motha Beat. He’s my fourth inaanak so far, he’s the first one to get a blog post though.  Hindi pa ako nagpapakablogger nung sa tatlo eh. Haha.

I knew it was going to be a fun but busy day. My work started 5:00am and I had two parties to attend after, (parang artista lang di ba? Haha.) Brent’s birthday one of them. There I was at the jeepney terminal to Camuning, Mexico, worried about the long waiting time when I caught a lucky break ,  Beat’s family arrived and they were enough to fill the jeepney  we were on our way in no time.

I must say I was impressed with the set up. Beat proudly told me it was all the effort of his lovely wife. Mareng Pia. Good job mare!




adorable birthday boy 


proud parents and the guests


poging bata! mana sa ninong!

The children’s party began when the clowns came out and facilitated the games. While the kids played the older guests began to eat. Another brotha from another motha arrived at this point, Carlo along with his beautiful family, Mareng Mick and my lovely inaanak Mickela which grew so much since I last saw her.  It was a quick catch up session since I nearly had to leave for the other party. I much as I had wanted to stay for the adult part of Brent’s party,(Inuman!!! Hehe.) I said my good byes and went on my way to the next event that day.  All was carefully timed and calculated, I was sure I will be able to arrive at the meeting place to rest and change clothes. Oh boy was I wrong! I forgot to include a few things  in my calculations. Friday rush hour equals traffic equals late! Lol.

party number two in  while,

more adventures coming..

Peace out!

Facing fears: The Aqua Peel Experience

The first time was unforgettable. I remember feeling apprehensive and excited at the same time. Then when it started, I just laid there and let her do her thing.  I had tears in my eyes when it was over. I swore I will never do it again.

Before your imagination runs wild, its not what you think! Haha. I was just reminiscing about the first time I tried to get a facial. Lol.

Face wise, I do not consider myself vain. Soap (Ahmm, green papaya. Haha.) and water, I’m  good to go. I believe I able to inherit good genes, I seldom get pimples, lucky me! Yey! Haha. If my memory serves me right, it was back in college when out of curiosity I decided to get a facial. I heard there was a dermatology clinic that offers good service for a cheap price. Being a student I had limited budget, so this was good news to me. Went there Friday for the session, what followed was one painful experience. My face was pricked and prodded. The pain was excruciating especially in the nose area. After the session my face felt clean but it also felt raw. It had these angry red spots where black and white heads were forcibly taken out.

That was the first and last time I had my face “cleaned”, I decided I’d stick with soap and water. I still get blackheads and whiteheads, but I just let them there, fearing the ordeal of a facial. I am vaguely aware that there are now new kinds of facial that will not cause that much pain but they are expensive so getting one  was not on  the top of my to do list.

That changed when recently I had a chance to catch up with a good friend of mine, Syril, whom I’ve known since we were kids. While sharing our stories, I found out that she is currently working with Care to Bare, a skin care clinic which offers a wide range of vanity services using state-of-the-art technology from Korea. One of her  stories piqued my curiosity. It was about what she says was a painless but very effective facial treatment called the Aqua Peel.  I was quite  skeptical about this, for me the words “facial” and “painless” do not belong in the same sentence. I told her this and shared to her the story of my first facial. Sy told me Aqua Peel was nothing like that, it does not use pricking to remove the black and white heads. It uses a specially-designed tip that suctions dirt from the skin by a partial vacuum then at the same time infuses hydration and nutrients to the skin. She mentioned that this procedure is quite popular in Korea, apparently this is the facial treatment responsible  for  the pore less skin of the Korean superstars. She said I can search Aqua Peel online and a lot of articles will show about it. She even invited me to visit one of their clinics and try the service.

Like any normal person looking for answers nowadays, I asked Google. I was able to find several  articles about the Aqua Peel and it’s counter parts. I found articles describing the treatment, I also found good reviews and  testimonials of the great results they had after the treatment. Some of the articles were comparing Aqua Peel to its counterparts, the Diamond Peel and Belo’s  Hydra Facial.

One article describes Aqua Peel as

“ New era in skin resurfacing and skin  rejuvenation. Needs no surgery, no injection, no downtime,  and no discomfort. Visibly reduces wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and much more. Instantly improves hyperpigmentation, congested pores and uneven skin Provides cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection at a time.


I also found post of fellow bloggers doing reviews of Aqua Peel performed by Care to Bare itself.  Here are some excerpts from their posts:

The Aquapeel is a relaxing treatment and I wanted to fall asleep but I needed to document every step for you guys ❤ Could  you  spot  my dedication? 🙂 I highly recommend this to those looking for a way to clean skin and to infuse nutrients at the same time! They customize the  treatment  based on skin type and they have lovely staff!


After the entire process, I noticed that my skin looked brighter.  My cousin noticed it too! I thought it was just psychological. LOL kkkk~  but yeah. I was advised by my nurse not to wear any make up on for the next 24 hours and that I should not wash my face too before I go to sleep. When I got home, my skin looked really really glowy! You know how Korean skin glows, right? My skin is so moisturized, I love it!!” 


Unfortunately I was only able to encounter bad reviews for the much hyped Diamond Peel. One blogger recounted in her blog the “bad effects of Diamond Peel“.

According the article I found at, Belo’s Hydrafacial has a similar concept with Aqua Peel. I noticed some slight differences though. Belo’s HydraFacial, seems to be targeted more towards Caucasians customers and Aqua Peel, since it is from Korea, is developed for the Asian clients. Plus the treatment from Belo is a bit expensive, it is Belo after all. Care to Bare promises similar results in a more affordable price. At least that’s what Syril said.


All of these articles and the testimonial of a good friend made me quite curious about what this Aqua Peel really is. Last Saturday I decided to man up and accept Syril’s invite to try the treatment myself.


During our catch up session, Sy told me that Care to Bare currently has three clinics, I went to the nearest one at Marquee Mall.  The other two clinics are at Ali Mall and Robinsons Metroeast.


This is me doing my signature pose, “Talikogenic” Lol.

Sitting in the waiting area, I saw  some  of the clients walk in and out of the clinic all of them having impressive skin. This made  me very excited. The branch manager,  Ms. Paula asked me to fill up a form with basic information about myself, I believe aside from records purposes this is also to help them personalize their services. While I waited for my turn, I remembered  had  to document this adventure for the blog, (#bloggerduties Hehe.) Shout out to Ms. Paula, big thanks for for letting me  take pictures.


 This greets the clients when they step in


 Forget the blurred call card, focus on the flowers. Haha.


A whiteboard filled with colorful  hand writing caught my attention, upon  closer inspection i found out that the writings were actually messages from Care to Bare’s satisfied customers.



This one caught my eye.

Then came the point of no return, I was about to face one of my fears. Haha.  I was led to one of the rooms and asked to lie down and relax, it was like de javu, the memories of the facial torture I had before, flashed on my mind. Ms Diane, the specialist that was assigned to me started to explain the procedure. She sounded very knowledgeable,  I felt I was in capable hands. It was then that I began to relax. Relaxed to the point that the specialist thought I was already sleeping. Haha. So.. Disclaimer, I will try to describe the experience a best as my fuzzy mind can remember. Lol

Ms. Diane started the treatment by cleaning my face. She thoroughly but gently massaged my face with a pleasant smelling gel like substance, my eyes were closed during this so I’m relying on my other senses for this observation.


this was the gel like substance, a brightening remover 

After the pleasant facial massage, damp cotton puffs were used to clean the brightening remover. She then proceeded to apply another great smelling liquid, this time it was the brightening facial cleanser with whitening.



The first two steps were just preparations for the main event, the Aqua Peel itself. Before starting, the specialist explained what she will be doing. She will perform the treatment on one half of my face first leaving the other half for comparison later on.


the Aqua Peel machine

I was told the Aqua Peel uses four types of solutions to suit all skin types. These solutions are all organic and were formulated specifically for Asian skin.



Ms Diane, preparing the Aqua Peel machine


the  specially designed non abrasive spiral tip

The most vivid memory I have about the experience was when the specialist glided the spiral tip over my face.  She ran the tip several times then handed me a mirror. The difference between the right half of my face from the left side on was very noticeable. After that I lost count, but I think she glided the spiral tip on my face a good ten to fifteens times. She paid close attention to the nose area which was the favorite spot of my black and white heads. There was no pain or discomfort, what I felt was suction and infusion happening simultaneously. It was exactly how Syril descibed it.

After the Aqua Peel machine there was no rawness or pain, just clean. She handed me the mirror and the the change I saw was quite remarkable. My face looked whiter and clearer, I noticed that my cheeks and nose were flushed red (#medyomestiso Haha.) Ms Diane said the redness will subside after the next steps of the treatment are done.

It was now time for the mask. I was waiting for this ever since she discussed the steps to me before the procedure began. I planned to take a selfie with the mask on. I prepared my phone and waited for her to apply the mask. The mask smelled like mint and was cool against my skin, it was intended to soothe the skin and close the pores that were opened by the massage and the Aqua Peel tip. What I did not expect though was that the mask will cover my entire face meaning my eyes had to be closed. Haha. Not easily discouraged, I tried taking the selfie while she went out to get what she told me was the infrared machine. I soon accepted that taking a selfie without seeing what you are doing is not possible so I had to let that go. Hehe. As luck would have it though, Syril had another friend trying the treatment as well, so..


this is pretty much how I looked, just use your imagination. lol

The red light you see is coming from the infrared machine to help dry and solidify the mask. The mask stayed on my face for a good twenty minutes. It was so relaxing I almost fell asleep.  After the mask was removed, damp cotton puffs were again used to wipe off the residue. The specialist then proceeded to apply moisturizer to my face. I asked her why I needed it since I did not think I had dry skin, apparently we can all use moisturizer, not only the ones with dry skin.


for oily skin


 for dry skin

As a final touch, after applying the moisturizer, she then applied sunblock which had SPF 50, perfect to protect my face from the sun’s harmful rays.


Ms. Diane advised me not to wash my face for at least five hours. This was to allow time for the serums to continue to be absorbed by the skin. This was cool with me since my face felt so clean that I did not see the need to wash it any time soon.

The whole Aqua Peel treatment took more or less an hour and the results were immediate and remarkable. It has no downtime so you can go back to your business right after. I would say it’s perfect for busy people who wants to relax and pamper themselves. The Aqua Peel machine is the same one being used in beauty clinics all over Korea. The products are all organic (no harmful chemicals and Earth friendly! Yey!) and FDA approved not only in Korea but also here in the Philippines. The manager and specialists of Care to Bare Marquee Mall are accommodating and knowledgeable, you will feel that you are in good hands. All of that, plus a glowing, clean, fresh face without the pain of pricking, is worth paying Php 1,500 for. Coming from someone who’s infamous for being kuripot, that is saying something. Hehe.

Most fears come from bad experiences of the past. The only way to overcome what you fear is if you face it. This time I literally “faced” my fear. Haha. It might seem shallow to others, but that’s their opinion. All I know is I’m happy I tried Aqua Peel and it helped me overcome my irrational fear of facials. Lol. I will repeat this experience in the near future, you should try it too. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself just do everything in moderation.

more adventures coming!

Peace out!

The Perks (and pains) of Being an Only Child

Inspiration came at the unlikeliest and weirdest of places. I’ll keep the location to myself. Sorry. Hehe. The point here is I was struck by sudden inspiration, and here I am writing about it.

Few months back I started my #bloggerdreams by talking about the ups and downs of being single. After a relatively long hiatus, it seems fitting that for my “comeback” I write something related to my first post. Heck, maybe I’ll even make this into a series. Haha.

People often get surprised when they learn that I am an only child. This may be because its normal to have siblings and it’s quite “rare” to be the only one. When the initial surprise wears off, (which happens quite quickly) the questions start. “Spoiled ka siguru ne?”, “E makaynip?”, “Nanung feeling?” I also get reactions ranging from envy, “Apa ika ala kang kasamsaman” to pity “Ay, ikang dili mo, kalungkot naman.” After years of these questions and reactions, I’ve become immune to them. I don’t give it much thought anymore. My general response is to smile, it can be a fake one, or genuine depending on my mood.

For those who were blessed (ahmm.. blessed ba talaga? Haha.) with siblings, it can be hard to imagine or understand how being an only child is. Guess that justifies the curiosity. This is for you guys, I’ll try to answer the questions you asked and maybe even the ones you haven’t even thought of. Alright let’s do this! Perks and Pains style.

Being an only child taught me how to be independent. I can go to places, eat, and do my errands alone without feeling uncomfortable or sorry for myself. I am not a hermit or anti social, I understand the appeal of having people around,  I know it is more fun to do things with friends, but what I don’t understand is why some people always need someone to be with them to do things. Ali la maka kimut  na ilang dili. 

The thing about being independent is that since I’m more used to dealing with just myself, I’m quite unsure as to how to deal with other people. When in company of strangers I don’t speak unless spoken to. I am not sure what to say or how to act,  so it’s better safe and silent. This often comes across as me being snobbish, trust me, that is one thing that I am not. I’m just  socially awkward.

Alright, next up is one of the frequently asked questions. Here is my answer. Yes I am spoiled. I know people tend to have a negative connotation about this word so I’ll make myself clear. Nope, I did not get all that I wanted. I am not spoiled that way. I am spoiled with attention,  never had compete for it.  “Aku ing bida”

I’d like to think that I am more mature now and I am way over this, but  when I was younger (like two years ago, when I was 18. Hehe.) I did not appreciate it when I had to share the attention. I turn into this green monster and destroy everything. Haha. That would have been exciting if it were true, but in those situations I just kept what I was feeling to myself.

Another thing that I like about being an only  child is that it gave me a chance to choose who my brothers and sisters will be.  I did not get them by default of  having the same parents. The siblings I have now, I was able to gain through the years of my life. They are my close friends, brothers and sisters from other parents. We may not be related by blood, but we are connected by soul. (#medyopadeep Haha.)

Having siblings has been one of my dreams before. Being an only child does get lonely at times, I just choose not dwell on it.  I’ve accepted and embraced the fact that I am the only one and I’m cool with that.  Especially  since I can choose who I like to be my siblings. Unfortunately having the power to pick them does not give me the ability to make them stay, that will be their choice. Win some, lose some. That’s life.

Being on only child can either be a blessing or a curse depending on your attitude towards it.  It has it perks, it has its pains just like everything else in the world.  God choose to give me this blessing and I am grateful for it. Why? well for one thing it gave me the inspiration to write again! That is it for now, but there may be a part two. Abangan.  Hehe.



Peace out!