Day 1 Theory


Today is Day 1.

It is the first day of the week, Monday. First of day of the month of September. It’s the start of the so called Ber months, the day holiday count downs begin. It is also the beginning of a new chance to achieve that elusive 4+ points on my work scorecard. It’s not often that we get a day like this. Today is pretty much a day of firsts and beginnings. Incidentally, it is also the first day of classes at my old school. Where you say? Clue. *whispers  its Hogwarts! Oh I miss that place. 

It is human nature to be excited about beginnings. A good example is  me writing a post  after being inactive(again. Haha). It is proof that I am excited about this day. Another example is very evident on social media as one of my good friends anticipated last night. Browse your news feed you will surely see status updates like “September be good to me”, “Merry Christmas!” you get the idea. The first one I don’t really get and is slowly becoming a pet peeve. How exactly can a month be good to you? Instead of asking for a month to be good to you, claim that it will be a great month, Asking means you are not sure. Own it and it will happen. Of course it does not stop there you need to put in effort too.

When we start something we give it all we’ve got, we go full steam ahead. The thing is, after awhile the enthusiasm slowly dies down, we lose steam and we become complacent. This I something I am guilty of. Not proud of it, in fact me changing that is currently a work in progress. My theory is this, I try to have a mind set that each day is the Day 1 and I always need to give it my best shot. Eventually this will become a habit until it becomes natural.

If you agree with this theory, try it. Or even if you don’t, try it still. Let’s compare results, as I’ve said this is still a theory. I could use all the help I can get in proving if it works.

They say live every day like it’s your last. I say treat every day as if its your first. It’s Day 1! Start strong! Stay strong!

The adventure continues.