This is a self deprecating post. I’ll be admitting one of my flaws. Something that I am not proud of. Something I’ve tried to hide but always seem to find its way to the surface. Alright, here goes nothing.

I am chronically late. There I ‘ve said it. Kala niyo ano na ne? Lol.  Apologies for the build up,  just thought it would be fun. Haha.

So chronic lateness. Tell me that the meeting time is 9:00am and somehow my brain registers that as 9:00am will be the time that I’ll  leave the house. Lol. It’s a bad habit and as I’ve mentioned, I am not proud of it.

As cliche as “Time is Gold” is, it is still true. Time is valuable. Every minute wasted on being late is a minute that could have been used to do something productive. Being on time signifies respect or the lack of it. When you are on time it shows that you value the other person’s efforts to be there and meet you on the agreed time.

I have been working on eliminating this habit of mine from my daily life and I have been partly successful, partly since I still fail at times. Hehe. What can I say, I am not perfect.

Some would say that this can be attributed to culture. That being late is a proof of me being a Filipino. We are so well known for our chronic lateness that there is even a phrase for it,“Filipino Time” which generally means being at least an hour late from the agreed time. To us Filipinos this is an unspoken agreement that when told 9:00am not all will arrive on time.

In other cultures it is considered rude to be late.  One can probably brush this off and say each to his own, sila yun iba ako, walang pakialamanan. Then again, wouldn’t it be nice if we can change the connotation of “Filipino Time” from negative to positive?..


Peace out.

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