I really missed writing. It has become my form of release, an outlet to voice out thoughts, share ideas and experiences, a great way to relieve stress. It’s the reason adventuresnitolits came to be. I have been quite inactive recently though, caused by poor time management and a minor case of writer’s block. That ends today. After almost a months hiatus, I’m back to continue the #bloggerdreams. Lol.

I am currently working on several posts. Several because after the break, my head is now flooded with ideas and thoughts. To borrow the words of Augustus Waters, my thoughts are like stars, I’m still trying to form them into constellations. Hopefully these constellations will help brighten someone’s day just like they do mine.

I am stoked to be writing again. It does not really matter if someone will read what I write. I admit it feels nice when someone tells me that they were able to read what I wrote but that is not my motivation in writing. I do it for me, because it makes me happy. Its that simple. We only live once, we should do what makes us happy, for me one of those things is writing. The adventures of tolits continues. You are all welcome to join me in this journey.

New posts will be up soon! Peace out.


Top Ten Tuesdays : Mid Year Blessings

Today marks the first day of July. July is the month before my birth month. July. Wait what?! Where did the first part of the year go?! Bilis ng oras! Should I post “Hello July be good to me” on Facebook now?.. Haha.

After a haircut, I decided to visit Camelite monastery. It was there while kneeling at the pew that I had a realization, these past six months were filled with blessings. I thanked Him for all of the blessings and lighted candles. This marks the beginning of a tradition every first day of each month.


Since today is Top Ten Tuesdays, I’ll share what these blessings are thru this list.


Top Ten

Mid Year Blessings

10)Material Things

-I will not enumerate them.

9)New Job

-A new challenge. Compensates well too. Lol

8)this Blog

-it’s my brainchild, my creative outlet, very proud of it.

7)Physical Improvements

-the pain sessions are starting to pay off finally!

6)Friends. Both Old and New

brothers and sisters from other parents. My extended family.


-contentment is key


-discovered quite a few things about myself and life

3)good Health

-just coughs and colds, no major health issues

2)my Mom

-source of unconditional love and support. Yeah, yeah call me mama’s boy. I dont care.

1)the gift of Life

-without it I will not be able to enjoy all of the blessings listed above.

Often times we get caught up with our problems that we overlook the blessings we receive. Take a closer look into your life, Im sure you’ll see that you too are blessed. Have you thanked Him for them yet? Now is a good time to start.