The Perfect Week

To be entirely without fault or defect. Satisfies all requirements. Implies soundness and excellence of every part, element or quality. Flawless. Accurate. Perfect.  (credits to for making me sound so smart. Hehe.) Admit it or not, at one point in your life you worked or thought about acheiving even atleast a semblance of this word.

My younger brother proposed that we take on a Perfect Week challenge.  The idea is we will consistently publish works for one week straight. Had he suggested this a while back I wouldn’t have accepted it. I did not like challenges, they disrupt the status quo. That was before. Since late last year my views on this are slowly but drastically shifting. So here I am, writing this post for the first day of the Perfect Week. Challenge accepted.

The requirements to be perfect in this challenge are not impossible to satisfy, because they are objective. Writing this post takes me one step closer to being perfect. Yey! Hehe.

Sadly, the same can not be said for the parameters of being perfect in this world we are in, here perfect is subjective. Based on opinions and beliefs of the majority. In order to be considered perfect we need to have approval, a confirmation from the majority that we are indeed perfect. The definition is placed inside a box, making perfection generic. In a world obsessed only with subjective perfection its easy to lose sight of what is really important.

Each of one of us is unique. Made even so by our so called imperfections. Imagine a world where each of us are exact carbon copies of someone who we deem to be perfect. Scary. Boring.

For me, being perfect means knowing who you are and being comfortable with it. It means learning to accept  differences and not pass judgement. I’m not there yet, I’m still working on achieving this kind of perfect. If it means going against what is considered to be generically perfect, so be it. Id rather be unique than perfect. 

At the end of the day we all have our own definitions about the word perfect. You might agree with mine, you might not. That’s great! It means we are not all alike and that will keep things interesting.

One down. Six more to go.


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