Top Ten Tuesdays : Kapitbahay Habits

Unless you are living in your own private island, (lucky bastard) you are likely to have people living next to your house. Neighbors. Kapitbahay. We see and interact with these people on a daily basis. Because of that I was able to come up with the list for today. Last Top Ten Tuesday I cited 10 annoying jeepney moments, on this post I’ll be listing 10 habits of our beloved kapitbahay ranging from most trivial to the most controversial that will make you scratch your head and say, “Seriously?!”. 

Top Ten 

Kapitbahay Habits 


10)Asking / Stating the obvious

-Nasa tapat ka ng batya na may sabon at nagkukusot ng damit. “Mamipi ka yata?..” Ay ali ku pu, mandakap ku mu pung tilapia.

9)Chronic Deafness

-Ala sais ng umaga, kung maka todo ng volume ng sound system daig pa ang sa Club XO.

8)Borrowed for Keeps

-Magkaiba ang Hiram sa Hingi. Db?

7)Out of sight, out of mind

-Tapat ko linis ko, ililipat ko sa inyo.

6)Park here, there, everywhere

-May tawag dun eh, Garahe. Subukan mong pagawa.

5)Unli Videoke

Ang alam ko, once a year lang ang Pabasa.

4)Pop up Casinos

-Pagka malikhain ng Pilipino na nagamit lang sa bisyo. Baraha, mesa, upuan, solb!

3) My piss is higher than yours.

-“Binida ni kapitbahay A kay kapitbahay B na bumili xa ng 32 inch flat screen tv,  sasagot si kapitbahay B na xa naman e home theater system ang binili.


-Kaya nga ako hindi nag artista kasi ayaw ko yan eh. 

1)My Neighbor’s Wife, is mine too.

Self explanatory. 

Aaand that’s it! Another list of my pet peeves done! Two consecutive lists of what annoys me, Im seeing a trend here. Haha. I’ll come up with a more positive list next time. Hehe. Laters.

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I want..


a drastic change.

to feel different.

to feel good.

to look different.

to look good.

I want..


new experiences.

to travel.

to see the Phillipines.

to see the world.

I want..

to live.

 to live to the fullest.

to enjoy life.

 to savor each moment.

I want..


to share happiness

lasting happiness.

I want..


to be loved.

to give love.

to spread love.

I want ..

to be me.

to leave a mark.

to make a difference.

to be the change.

Foodie Fridays : Ikabud

This post will feature two of my favorite words.

1) FREE. It’s the word that almost all of us love.

2) FOOD. It’s Foodie Fridays!

Yes, this post is about FREE FOOD! Cool right?! Hehe.

Tuesday last week, we celebrated what our team leader claims to be her 19th birthday at Ikabud, SM City Clark.


This restaurant has been around for quite some time now, but this would just be the second time that I would eat here. See, I don’t usually go to restuarants. Id choose a karinderya over a restaurant in a heartbeat. Now you might be thinking that Im down to earth or something, ahhh, nope. That’s just because, I am kuripot. Lol.

I was one of the first to be there to make reservations, since we were going to be a big group of at least 20 persons.


While they were busy ordering our feast, I was busy with blogger duties. Hehe.


Cool kiddie chair. I tried sitting on it and I actually fit! Way cool! Haha.


Dunno what this is called. Sorry. Lol.

The word rustic comes to mind when one enters Ikabud. Its a lot of wood and bricks. A stark contrast against the mall’s modern design. 


Spot the flag


The battlefield

We got aquainted with the menu and pretty much ordered what was written on it. Lol.


Zoom required.

While food was being prepared, Retrica and the podstick kept us busy.




Then one by one, pieces of heaven began to arrive. Being the dedicated blogger that I am, I did not let them touch the food until I’ve taken a photo of it. Haha.

Warning. What follows will trigger pangs of hunger. Food Porn Alert!


Garlic and Fiesta rice.




Chicharon Bulaklak






Stuffed Pusit




Binagoongang Lechon


Lechon sa Gata


Birthday Cakes


To wash all that down. 

The food was delicious. Made even better by the fact that it was free. Hehe. I filled my plate with portions of everything, ignored everyone and began to eat. Eat. Eat. By the time I was done I was so full that I suddenly felt sleepy. No wonder I’m getting fat. Hehe.

What better way to stay awake than to start another podstick session. If you haven’t tried taking photos with a podstick yet, you are missing out on a lot of fun! Its quite addicting, obviously. Haha.






This post is about free food. It was. Because while I’m writing it I realized something, Its not just about free food. Its about relaxing after a tiring day at work. Its about making memories, building relationships, strengthening bonds that would soon turn colleagues into good friends.


Alright! Verdict time! Here are my Unexpert Ratings for Ikabud. Five stars being the highest.

Food = ☆☆☆☆

Place = ☆☆☆☆

Price = N/A  (Thanks TL! Lol.)

Ikabud is located at the ground floor of the new wing of SM City Clark, Balibago, Angeles City.

Complete photo gallery at

Top Ten Tuesdays : Jeepney Moments

Almost everyone of us rides or has ridden a jeepney at some point in our lives, (unless you are a filthy rich bastard who owns a car. ) so most of you can relate to this post (unless you are a filthy rich bastard who owns a car. Yes i repeated that on purpose and I am in no way bitter or envious. Haha.) These are pet peeves of mine when riding our most popular means of public transport.

Top Ten

Jeepney Moments


10)Drunk passenger throws up.

YUCK. Need I say more?

9)You’re running late. The speed is at 40kph and driver stops at every kanto even when no one is there.

Andun na ako, kailangan mong kumita boss, parang kami lang, at malelate na kame sa trabaho namen.

8)A lady with long, loose hair that when blown by the wind hits you like a dozen of tiny whips.

Paki tali lang miss. Salamat.

7)You are taken on a unexpected road trip because there are traffic officers on the regular road and the jeep is unregistered (colorum)

Umayos ka manong, paregister ka na. 

6)Sitting between two persons engaged in a (loud, non stop) conversation with each other.

Seriously guys? May tenga ako. Nabibingi.

5)A cute couple engaging in excessive PDA.

Kuha na kayo ng kwarto! Bigyan ko kayo discount card sa Hotel Victoria.

4)A passenger gets in, closes all the windows. It’s 32 degrees in summer.

Ahh..  Ano to, Aircon tayo? Aircon?!

3)Fellow passenger occupying more space then what he/she paid for.

Yung totoo, inarkila mo yung jeep?

2)Sitting capacity is 20 persons but 22 persons need to be inside before the jeep will be considered full.

Bossing. Tao ho kame, hindi sardinas.

1)You pay a P100, then the driver / barker “forgets” to give the change.

Ibalik natin sa inyo. “GOD KNOWS HUDAS NOT GIVE CHANGE”

All that said, Im still proud of our jeepney. Its a proof of Filipino ingenuity. That ends my list for this Tuesday. Do you agree with it? Yes? No? Goodnight everyone! Hehe.

Un Expert Review

Im typing this with one eye open and the other sleeping. Yeah, of course Im exaggerating. The point is, Im beat. But as a dedicated blogger I knew I had to publish a post for my readers (Naks. Parang totoo ne? Haha.)

I recently posted about the top ten quotes that stood out to me after reading John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. Today I finally had the chance to hear them spoken. Here is my un-expert review of the movie adaptation of one of my favorite books.

I heard that some of the people who watched it cried. I didn’t. Sure the story was quite tragic, but instead of being saddened by it, I was inspired. It’s not how long you live, its how you spend the time that you have.

The actors were superb. Shailene Woodley was amazing and beautiful even with tubes plugged to her nose. She now  joins Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson on the list of my Hollywood crushes. The guy Ansel Elgort was also good. They both did a great job in breathing life to Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. I can understand why people who watched the movie cried, they were that good.

Having read the book, I was curious on how they would translate that into the big screen. In my opinion, they were able to stay true to the book and if there were differences they were just minimal. Several times I found myself quoting the lines before the actors said it, it was that accurate.

In no particular order, the scenes that stood out to me includes; the scene where Hazel and Gus were discussing An Imperial Affiliction while Issac was smashing trophies in the background it was funny and akward at the same time, then there’s this scene in Amsterdam, Hazel and Gus were riding a boat and there were swans on the water, I wish we had swans instead of garabge floating on our rivers, next was the scene where Issac and Hazel were giving their eulogies for Gus’ pre-funeral, this scene I found very honest and touching the friendship and the love that they for each other was so real you can almost touch it, lastly was the hilarious scene where Gus, and Hazel bought eggs and guided Issac into throwing eggs at his ex-girlfriend’s car, spell payback.

To view it negatively, the film is about cancer. But to me its not just that. Its about love between family, friends, and your special someone. Its about how love can make us strong enough to withstand pain. Its about appreciating what we have, when we have it. Others might not like the way it ended, Gus dying of cancer and leaving Hazel behind. Im cool with that. For me its the story, not the ending.

So there you have it, my first un-expert movie review. If you have suggestions please share, if you have violent reactions, keep them to yourself. Haha. Goodnight guys!


Each day is a present,

A gift that Heaven sent.

Live it like its the last,

Hands of time moves fast.

Never harm anybody

Do what makes you happy

Happiness delayed,

Happiness denied.

Regrets of not having tried,

Haunts till the day you died.

Life is meant to be lived.

Live it. Take it.

Hold it by both hands.

Make mistakes.


Forget impossible.


Worries of tomorrow,

Throw out the window

Forget rule books.

Leap before you look.

Its not careless.

Its fearless.

Face challenges.

Embrace changes.

They help you grow.

Disrupt status quo.



Top Ten Tuesdays : TFIOS

Today’s list will feature one of my favorite books from my favorite author. Read this one two years ago. It is now very popular due to its movie adaptation. I have yet to watch the movie. I hope it does not disappoint.

Disclaimer: Please bear with the side comments. Hehe.

Top 10 Quotes




10)Sometimes people don’t understand the promises their making when they make them.

This is the reason why almost all promises are broken.

9)You get all of these friends just when you don’t need friends anymore.

Sad, but true.

8)The world is not a wish granting factory.

-You don’t always get what you want.

7)The thing about pain, it demands to be felt.

-If it does not kill you, it will make you stronger.

6)Im grand, Im on a collercoaster that only goes up my friend.

-I love how this statement is full of hope and positivity.

5)Excellent. Also if it’s not too much trouble, please prepare a eulogy

-Morbid? Yeah, maybe. But wouldn’t it be nice to hear what they have to say?

4)You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing

Cigarrette smoking is dangerous to your  health.

3)Some infinities are bigger than other infinities

Sometimes our forever is not as long as we think it is.

2)You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have a say in who hurts you.

-So choose wisely.

1)You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful.

-Its not the about the ending. Its about the story.

That ends my first Top Ten Tuesday post! YEY! Hehe. Will try to consistently write random lists of everything under the sun weekly. Okay? Okay. Hehe.

The Perfect Week

To be entirely without fault or defect. Satisfies all requirements. Implies soundness and excellence of every part, element or quality. Flawless. Accurate. Perfect.  (credits to for making me sound so smart. Hehe.) Admit it or not, at one point in your life you worked or thought about acheiving even atleast a semblance of this word.

My younger brother proposed that we take on a Perfect Week challenge.  The idea is we will consistently publish works for one week straight. Had he suggested this a while back I wouldn’t have accepted it. I did not like challenges, they disrupt the status quo. That was before. Since late last year my views on this are slowly but drastically shifting. So here I am, writing this post for the first day of the Perfect Week. Challenge accepted.

The requirements to be perfect in this challenge are not impossible to satisfy, because they are objective. Writing this post takes me one step closer to being perfect. Yey! Hehe.

Sadly, the same can not be said for the parameters of being perfect in this world we are in, here perfect is subjective. Based on opinions and beliefs of the majority. In order to be considered perfect we need to have approval, a confirmation from the majority that we are indeed perfect. The definition is placed inside a box, making perfection generic. In a world obsessed only with subjective perfection its easy to lose sight of what is really important.

Each of one of us is unique. Made even so by our so called imperfections. Imagine a world where each of us are exact carbon copies of someone who we deem to be perfect. Scary. Boring.

For me, being perfect means knowing who you are and being comfortable with it. It means learning to accept  differences and not pass judgement. I’m not there yet, I’m still working on achieving this kind of perfect. If it means going against what is considered to be generically perfect, so be it. Id rather be unique than perfect. 

At the end of the day we all have our own definitions about the word perfect. You might agree with mine, you might not. That’s great! It means we are not all alike and that will keep things interesting.

One down. Six more to go.


Foodie Fridays: Champas

Disclaimer: It’s Friday on other parts of the world. Haha.

2014-06-13 15.55.19

A few weeks back we were treated to a movie night. The choice was between X-Men and Maleficent. Unfortunately, Mrs. Jolie-Pitt beat the mutants and we ended up watching her movie. Then again it was free and so was the food so I did not complain that much. Hehe.

This post is not about that. It is a short visual diary of the Mexican dining experience I had before the movie. It’s an attempt at being a food blogger. Haha. I’ll try to post one every Foodie Fridays.

Champas was not that big, just enough for an intimate gathering.


It was decorated to give off a Mexican vibe that would be cohesive with the food they serve.

2014-06-13 16.13.13

Not sure what these are called. Are they even Mexican? Lol.


Sumbreros on the wall.


There’s another sumbrero, along with corn and spices on the wall.

Alright! Enough about the place. Lets talk food.


The Menu. Its slightly blurred, izoom nio nalang. Lol.


I guess this is called.. Lemon water? Hehe.

The food was good! Manyaman!

First to be served was this plate of tacos.


Was not able to taste this one since I was busy taking pictures (*sad face) but it looked good.

The tacos were followed by this colorful plate of nachos with cheese dip.


I was curious to find out how it tasted so after this picture I took one and ate it. Much to the disappointment of my companions who were also planning to take a picture of the nachos. Sorry guys! Haha.

Next came the quesadillas. I think they ordered two kinds. The classic and the chicken. I enjoyed the chicken one. It is a must try.


Then came this.


I believe its called Chili con Carne fries. Man, it was so good! The dish was comprised of the colorful nacho chips, and of course chili con carne and fries. The combination was just perfect. We had two plates full of this one. Haha. Its another must try dish of Champas.

What’s good meal with out the company of good people right? 

Team Cachu


Team QA



If I were to rate Champas on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, Id give the place 3 stars, because it was a bit cramped, the food 4 stars, most of it was good and the price 5 stars, we only had to shell out 150 bucks each, for all of that food.


Champas is located at a recently built strip of restaurants  in Fields Avenue, Balibago, Angeles City just right across SM City Clark. One of their staff said they also offer deliveries.  Visit them and enjoy. I know i did.


There you have it folks. My first attempt at being a food blogger. Hehe.


‘Till the next Foodie Friday guys!


For the complete photo gallery, visit


After posting Perks, I knew right away what topic I wanted to take on next. There was just one minor hitch. Writer’s block. On my second post. Yey. Haha. So I thought, what to do when words fail?.. Pictures! Yep! This post will be made up mostly of pictures.  A visual diary. Problem solved! Lol.

We’ve known each other since the start of college. By 2007 our brotherhood took on the name Busy Boys,  and the rest, as they say, is history.


Fast foward 2014, and here we were on a short breather from our day jobs going on a road trip up north, so begins our out of town adventure. 

Turns out our rented ride had issues. That was discovered on our stop over in Subic. We were at Pier One, looking for a public rest room but sadly we did not find one. Lol. On our way back, we found the boys pushing the car to make it start. The attempt was sucessful so we did not think much of it and went on our way. Guided by GPS, (thank God for technology!) the adventure continued.

Camera 360

After a quick photo op at the town of San Marcelino, we picked up a couple of supplies.

Camera 360

A good way to experience a place’s culture is to visit its public market. You get to meet and interact with the locals. We even met a vendor who was also a Kapampangan. One important tip though. Do not forget to pay for what you buy. I did. It was embarassing. Haha.

Camera 360

Seafoods. Seafoods, and Seafoods!

Once done, we left the public market with heavy loads and lighter pockets. We were now ready for the beach, but apparently our ride had other plans. It would not start.  Again.

When the situation seems to play with you, play with it! Have fun!

Eat ice cream.


Take groupies. (group selfies. Haha.)


After an hour and half we were finally on our way to the beach. To be honest our expectations were quite low since we were informed that the place was fully booked. We were expecting a crowded resort. Oh boy were we surprised.


Pine trees on the beach! It was like Anawangin but with cell reception and electricity. Hehe. The place was huge! Far from being crowded. We were stoked.


House of Ezra

Crystal Beach Resort offers nipa huts, like the one we stayed in, and other traditonal Filipino houses to its guests. I find this set up very refreshing since most resorts now have hotel type accomodations. It brings you back to the simple way of living.


We also had a tent. No one really used it though. Hehe.

Once settled, we all fell into our roles. One cooked, the others helped and I took pictures. Haha.

2014-06-02 18.49.33

Seafood grilling by the beach. Sarap! Our fresh water source is that old school deep well on the far right. How cool is this set up?!


The resident Chef in action. Girls, single pa yan!

Now for the best part.



Galit galit muna. Mangan tana!

Eating good food in the company of good friends while the sea breeze keeps you cool. It was one of the best dining experiences I’ve had so far. Hunger satisfied. It was still quite hot to go out to the beach so..

Groupie time!


Then they played cards. Me? I took pictures. Haha.


After that,  we played with the camera.






Sessions by the beach. This is the life. Lol.

Then it was swimming time! Leggo!


We played games. Its was like being a kid all over again.

1)Pose off




3)Ride the barrel.


That ends our first day in Zambales. What happened during the night is for us to know, and for you to think about. Right boys?! Lol.


Day two started with this spread which was included in our accomodations.


After breakfast it was time to explore and of course take pictures! This time we tried the photo app Retrica. Here are the results.





Then it was time to leave. Or so we thought. Of course the car would not start. Again. Haha. Good thing one of our fellow guest helped us out and was able to get our very reliable ride to start. Now it was time to go.

All was well until we reached the exit to Subic. The car stopped. Haha. We weren’t really suprised about that, we just thought we’d reach Pampanga before this happens. This is very frustrating since one of us still has to go to work, one needs to shop for an anniversary present and all of us wanted to go home and rest.  


When placed on a situation which you do not like but have little control on, instead of wasting energy on negativity, try to make the most out of it. “Mayli ka man o magbusit ka ala namang magbayu, edi mayli naka mo. Pogi ka pang akakit”. That’s exactly what we did.

Trip to Holy Land.


We kept seeing these signs around so we decided to do some exploring. The place was nice and creepy at the same time.


These three were walking ahead of us. Then suddenly they started running back like they were being chased by something. Instinct took over and I ran too. Without really knowing why I was running. Haha. I stopped when I realized I was the only one running and all of them were laughing really hard. Then I laughed too. Ang lagay ba eh sila lang ang masaya? Haha.


After that episode we walked backed to the gas station to wait for our replacement vehicle.


By 8:00 pm we were finally on our way home.

In the roadtrip called Life we get to experience a lot of things and meet a lot of people. Im glad I was able to meet these kolokoys whom I now consider my brothers from other mothers.

Overall, even with the car troubles, this road trip will go down as one of the great adventures I’ve taken so far. Looking forward to the next one. Boracay ba tayo next boys? Hehe.


Crystal Beach Resort is located at Brgy La Paz, San Narciso, Zambales. For more details visit their website 

For the complete photo gallery the Zambales adventure of the Busy Boys,  click this link