The Perks (and pains) of Being Single


“Single ka pa din?! Bakit??!” More often than not followed by the question, “Bakla ka ba?”.. If I get a peso each time I get asked these questions, Id have enough money to buy a car! Lol.

So to clear things, Nope. I am not gay. Im straight. Nothing against gays and lesbians, I’ve come to know some of them and they are good people.

Admittedly, I move differently than your stereotypical guy, Hindi ako brusko o macho, however I do not see myself having romantic relationships with the same sex. I also believe that I think differently than most guys. For me a guy’s “manliness” is not measured by the number of women he’s with or he’s been with, or by the number of hearts he’s broken. Being a man means knowing how to respect women, how to love and treat them right. Hence I do not chase girls just for the heck of it.

Okay. So why am I still single?..

I had different priorities in life. Ang lalim ba?  Lol.

My mom is single parent. I saw her do everything she can, to provide me with what I need. What I have, I owe to her. Now that I can, I would like to return the favor.

I want to prove to myself that I can be successful. I was not born rich. All that I will be having, I will have to work hard for. That will make achieving it, all the more worth it.

Being in a relationship requires setting your priorities differently. And as I’ve said, I had different priorities in life.

Next reason, Selfish ako.

Being single means not needing someone else’s approval. You can do what you want. It means not needing to solve riddles, like them saying “Yes” when they actually meant “No”. You don’t have to face impossible questions like “Mataba ba ako sa damit na ‘to?!” .  No one pesters you asking where you are, what your doing and so on. Valentines is just another over rated, over commercialized day. Need I say more? Selfish.

Eventually all of that gets old. You wake up one day thinking how it might feel like to ask someone’s permission and actually care if they’ll give it or not. How to work around impossible questions and tricky answers. To have someone genuinely interested about where you’re at and what you’re doing. How it is to spend on Valentines Day and feel good about it. How it is to be loved and cared for by someone other than your family.

Last reason. This one Im not really sure, so comments are welcome. Masyado ata akong mabait.

Being an only child, I grew up looking for friends. At my age now, Im proud to say that I was able to score great ones.

The thing is, it seems that that’s all that I ever get to be. A friend. Or worse, a brother. Saklap. Lol.

I  kept quiet. = Friend, eventually a sister.

I kept quiet but made extra efforts to make her feel special = Friend.

I told her upfront that I liked her and asked if she felt the same = she just wants to be Friends.

I told her that I liked her. She likes my Friend.

Again. Saklap. Haha.

A friend once told me, “Masyado ka kasing mabait, dapat may konting landi ka din, para maramdaman nila na may malisya at hindi pang kaibigan lang..”  

Alright. Enough reasons. Here’s what I do know for sure.

For the time being, I am single. Enjoying all the perks and going thru the pains. One day I won’t be. When that happens, I’ll take it one day at a time, making sure each day with her is better than the previous one. One day I will have my own family. I will be a responsible husband and father. I will take care of my family. They will  never experience what I went thru. One day.

Yes I am 26 years old. Yes I am still single. Yes I am waiting for you. We’ll meet each other soon, so be ready.

12 thoughts on “The Perks (and pains) of Being Single”

  1. In short… kaya single ka walang nagkakagustong babae haha.. pizzzzzzz! I beg to disagree to what you said on this blog… youll.surely swallow all this once you find one… and once you get into a relationship

  2. nice…..well, kahit na I am part if a couple, we’d rather be dead than be caught celebrating Valentine’s Day. Hahaha. Meep meep sa mga nagcecelebrate nun pero it is just media and business tycoon’s conspiracy. Hindi commercialized ang PAG EBEEEEG!!!!!! :3

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