Thoughts ni Tolits : Chapter 5

Accumulated thoughts. Collection of rants. A comeback post.

There are those who will grow with you and be there for the rest of your life. Then, there are those who won’t.

At times, it’s the happiest of memories can cause the most pain.

I only explain to those who matter. If I stopped explaining to you, now know why.

Looking at a person’s past can give you an idea of how they might be in the future.

Mistake can be a good teacher, if you are smart to learn from it.

I choose to stay quiet not because I have nothing to say, I just don’t want to explain it after.

Learn to give room for new people but never neglect those who’ve always been with you.

No one likes a know-it-all. We already have Google for that.

You can not fix something when you do not know what’s wrong with it.

If you don’t start moving now, you might wake up one day and find out that everyone has moved forward and you’ve been left behind.

Never consider giving up, especially when you have not even tried yet.

Not everyone understands the thin line between being straight forward and being tactless.

The amount of time a person spends on you is the measure of your importance to them.

Count your friends and followers on social media. Now tell me how many of those are actually your true friends.


The Practical Dude : Tale of Two Sandos

It’s time to put those jackets, cardigans and sweaters back in storage. Summer is just around the corner and it would be tank top season again. For this post, instead of tank top, I’ll use the word sando just because it sounds better for the title. Haha.

When I first started the Practical Dude series I mentioned that I would try to give some tips. I think I have given three so far. Here are some more, this time on how to look awesome this summer without breaking the bank.

Tip #4 : There is always a less expensive alternative.

This is the mantra of a practical dude. This is a bit tricky since choosing the less expensive option does not mean you have to sacrifice quality.

Check out these two sandos. Except for the color, the two are quite similar and can come from the same line. Can you guess which one is from Forever 21 and which is unbranded?


Sirit na?  Hehe. Alright here’s the deal..


Forever 21, it was on sale when I got it but it originally priced at around Php 500+.


Unbranded, scored at a local mall for 100 bucks.

Tip #5 : Dress appropriately.

Wearing a hoodie during summer while on the beach, bad idea. If you’re worried about your skin, use sunscreen.

Here’s what I wore on two recent summer adventures.

Puting Bato, Mount Arayat, Arayat , Pampanga


printed cap, (Oxygen), sando (unbranded), shorts (Baleno), mandals (Sandugo), backpack (unbranded)

Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora


straw hat (SM Accessories), sando (Forever 21 Men), swim shorts (Portside), mandals (Sandugo)

Comfort is the keyword for summer dressing. Aside from sandos you could also opt for light colored shirts, Dri-fit shirts and tropical button downs with subtle prints.(avoid Lito Atienza prints, unless you want someone to suddenly sing the Maynila theme song when you pass by) What ever look you decide to sport this summer season, the main thing is you enjoy your summer adventures.

Isang Sabado sa Plaza Angel

Isang Sabado ng gabi, matapos namin tumambay at maghapunan, nag-aya maglaka-lakad ang isa sa aking mga kasama para magpababa ng kinain. Wala naman kaming partikular na destinasyon, basta maglalakad lang. Napadaan kami at napatigil sa tapat ng Museo ning Angeles dahil sa isang pagtatanghal na kasalukuyang idinadaos doon. Nagtaka ako noong una, pamilyar ang tono ng inaawit ng batang babae subalit parang may iba. Nang tumagal napagtanto ko na isa itong mainstream na awit na isinalin sa wikang Kampampangan.

Base sa mga poster na nakasabit sa paligid ang pagtatanghal na ito ay para sa pagdiriwang ng Valentines Day. Minsan ko nang naisulat ang tungkol sa pagsasaayos ng harapan ng Museo upang maging isang tamabayan at kainan. Sa aking palagay isa ita sa mga entertainment nila upang mas makahatak ng parokyano.  Isang itong magandang ideya dahil bukod sa sakto ito sa theme ng lugar ay itinatampok pa nito ang  wikang Kapampangan.

May dalawang pares na tila ba nagliligawan na nagsilbing mga host ng programa. Ilang kabataan ang umawit ng mga popular na awitin na isinalin sa wikang Kapampangan. Pinaka naaliw ako sa isang pares ng batang lalake at babae na tila aso’t pusa sa una at nagkagustuhan din ng huli. Mahusay din ang pagkakasalin at pag-awit ni Sebya (isa sa mga host) ng Just Give Me a Reason ni Pink.

Hindi nawala ang ngiti sa mukha ko at ng aking mga kasama sa buong pagtatangahal. Aliw na aliw at bilib kami sa lahat ng mga batang umawit at gayun din sa mga nag host. Sa lahat ng nasa likod ng produksyong aming napanuod, ang gagaling ninyo! Saludo ako sa inyo. Maraming Salamat! Isa itong mainam na pagtatapos ng aming mga gabi.




Foodie Fridays : Indonyaki

Few weeks back, I had the chance to visit Maginhawa Street in Quezon City. The street gained popularity due to its numerous food places. The whole extent of the street was a collection of coffee shops, restaurants, hole in the wall food spots and diners. Due to time and budget constraints we were not able to fully explore all of what Maginhawa Street had to offer. This gives me an excuse to plan another visit soon.

We were starving, and looking for somewhere to eat was our top priority. Good thing we were at a place that gives us plenty of choices. Two of my companions just came back from Indonesia, one because of a language scholarship and one for couch surfing. They we telling us of their encounters with Indonesian cuisine. Luckily, I did not have to travel all the way to Indonesia to get an idea of how their food there looks and tastes like.

Indonyaki is one of the hole in the wall food spots in Magihawa Street. The place serves Indonesian cuisine, the dining is al fresco style and it’s awesome! Since the two of them know what the words on the menu corresponds to, we let them order. (How am I supposed to know what Ayam Goreng is?! Lol.) Then we waited with hungry anticipation.

We had different ways to pass time while waiting for our food to be served.



When our food arrived, I found out that Ayam Goreng was a big serving of fried chicken! Here is the rest of what they ordered for us to feast on.


The food was awesome! Nasi Goreng is similar fried rice, it was the perfect base for our main dishes. Paired with the two dipping sauces, the lumpia and ayam goreng will make you forget your diet. Sambal, the red sauce was my favorite. It was like salsa but spicier and tastier.  Saus Kacang for me was a hybrid of gravy and peanut sauce. According to the two who have been to Indonesia these dishes we tried were a bit more flavorful than the authentic ones they have tried there. I stored this trivia in the subconscious part of my brain to use when I do get the chance to sample the authentic dishes myself. (One can dream right?! Lol.)

After a very satisfying late lunch, we then went to this interesting cafe, to pass time before we go to the next place in our itinerary. Will blog about my adventure on that cafe soon. For now, here are my unexpert ratings for Indonyaki.

FOOD = ☆☆☆☆☆

PLACE = ☆☆☆

PRICE = ☆☆☆☆☆


more adventures coming..

Thoughts ni Tolits : Chapter 4

Thoughts come from observations. Rant are my frustrations.

The best thing about being mysterious is no one will ever truly know you. The downside is no one will ever truly know you.

It’s easier to point out other people’s mistakes than to acknowledge yours.

I don’t understand why some people feel the need to put  other people down just to feel better about themselves.

Effort is something that goes unnoticed until it is not being exerted anymore

Focusing too much on wanting to be who everyone else wants you to be deprives you the chance to be who you want to be.

The ability of children to forgive and forget quickly and not hold grudges is enviable.

We tend to save our harshest criticisms to the ones we care for the most.

By thinking too much we are causing the problem to seem bigger than it really is.

When you can be silent with someone but not feel awkward about it.

Should you be happy when something you helped put together can now survive even with you or should yo be sad since now you are not needed anymore.

I’ll take hate over indifference. Hate still cares. Indifference makes you nonexistent.

It’s better to commit mistakes when young than to live with regrets when you get old.




The Practical Dude : Bespectacled

It’s awesome that it’s now considered cool to sport spectacles. I guess that’s why some people insist on wearing them even if they have perfect vision. Whether you are bespectacled due to necessity or for the sake of porma, read up. This post is for you.

I have been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember. When asked, I always blame Harry Potter. Nope,  It never was my intent to look like him, I just liked reading the books. Read them anywhere, on a moving vehicle, during class, even in the dark. Yep,  sadly I did not take care of my eyes when I was younger, which caused me to be the bespectacled dude I am now.

It’s been roughly three years since I got the specs I have been wearing and I thought it was time for me to look for a replacement. Thus the hunt for my next specs began. This was a challenge for me being the practical dude that I am. Aside from finding the frame that will suit my face shape, I also had to consider the cost of it.

I found the perfect specs during one of my solo sessions. I was walking around aimlessly at SM Clark when an ad caught my eye. There was a new Korean eye wear shop that had items priced at Php 500 and up. Naturally my curiosity was piqued and I made a beeline to it. Starfinder’s ambiance was different from other eye wear shops that had a  straightforward and uptight feel. This shop had a laid back, hipster vibe, it had interesting decors and trinkets which helped highlight the store’s  items.



Upon entering I was immediately assisted by a very pleasant sales person, she started picking random specs for me to try on. At this point I was fighting to keep my cool, aside from the fact that the specs looked awesome and durable, they wear priced at only Php 500! Aside from specs, sunnies or sunglasses were also a part of the store’s merchandise. No pictures though, my focus was on the specs.


After several tries, I had my choices narrowed down to two. Both seemed to suit my face shape but one was similar to the specs I already had  so  I decided to go with the other one.


Mirror shot. Couldn’t resist. Haha.

The store offers free eye check up and the option to have the prescription lenses fitted to the specs, It’s basically a one stop shop. The price of my prescription lenses hurt a bit, good thing the frame’s price made up for it. After an hour I finally got new specs to sport for my next adventures.


The Specs. Bagay ba?

The Practical Dude

This idea came to me because of the questions I usually get about where I get my stuff. I was toying with the idea ever since I started my #bloggerdreams. I was hesitant because I was not sure what reaction I’ll get so I did not do it. With a helpful nudge from fellow bloggers  and the response of friends on a survey I posted, I’ve finally decided to give it a try. This post will try to give some tips on how to still look decent and on trend without burning a big hole in your pocket.  This is just a trial post. If it will gain a following, I might make it into a series.

Tip #1 : It’s not the brand, it’s how you wear it.

I have never been brand conscious. As long as it looks good on me and is reasonably priced, (meaning very inexpensive.) I’m all for it.

Tip #2 : Know which stores to visit.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of stores but not all of them will have what will suit you or your taste.

Tip #3 : Regularly visit these stores

Even if it is just to browse and window shop. It give you a general idea as to what is currently on trend. Plus you might just chance upon a random markdown sale.

Scored these awesome pair of Penshoppe slip-ons for more than half of their original price! Sweet!


Original retail price Php 649.00


Got them in green, just felt it’s an easy color to mix and match. Other colors available are maroon, navy blue, brown, black and gray.


Here’s how I would style them. This is something that you could sport for a chill out session with friends. If you are not that proud of your legs you could also pair them with jeans or jogger pants.

Whew! My first ever “fashion” post. I did not include a photo of me wearing it. I don’t have the guts to pull that off just yet. Maybe in the future. Haha.

Jay : Chapter 3

Walang trabaho ng araw na iyon si Jay kaya napagpasyahan niyang puntahan si Sara sa pinagtatabahuhan ng huli sa isang mall sa Pampanga. Matiyaga siyang nakatayo sa labas, hinihintay niya ang break ng dalaga, aayain niya itong magmirienda.

Nagkakilala ang dalawa sa pamamagitan ng common friend at simula noon ay madalas ng pumupunta sa mall na iyon si Jay. Maganda, magiliw at masayahin si Sara kaya madaling nahulog ng loob ni Jay rito. Nais isipin ni Jay na pareho sila ng nararamdaman dahil palagi siyang gusto makita at inaalala ng dalaga. Para kay Jay may tila “unspoken understanding” na sila.

Nang sa wakas ay dumating ang oras ng break ni Sara ay lumapit ito kay Jay. “Tara na.” ika nito. “Si Mario nga pala katrabaho ko, sasabay sana siya kumain sa atin wala kasi siya kasama eh, okay lang ba??” Tinignan at kinamayan ni Jay ang asungot na epal sa oras nila ni Sara, pangiti-ngiti pa ang mokong. Ayaw man ni Jay wala itong nagawa kaya pumayag na lamang siya. Nilibre niya ng mirienda si Sara, damay na din ang asungot at sa my open park sila ng mall pumuwesto. Marunog naman pala makiramdam si Mario at medyo dumistansiya siya ng upo kina Jay. Sa tuwing nagkakaroon ng pagkakataong magkasusap sila pakiramam ni Jay ay mas nahuhulog ang loob niya sa dalaga. Mabilis lumipas ang oras, tapos na ang huling break ni Sara sa araw na iyon. Matapos ihatid ni Jay ang dalaga sa tindahan ay muli siyang tumayo sa tapat nito. Hindi pa siya uuwi, Dalawang oras na lang ay tapos na ang shift ni Sara, aantayin niya ito upang ihatid pauwi.

Madalas na ganito ang set up nilang dalawa. Nagiba lamang ito ng minsang si Sara naman ang bumisita Jay kay sa trabaho. Bisperas ng Bagong Taon iyon at pauwi ng bayan nila si Sara. Hindi makaalis ng trabaho si Jay kaya si Sara na lang ang pumunta sa kanya. Sanlaksang kilig ang naramdaman ni Jay ng araw na iyon. Upang mapahaba ang oras nila sa halip na magjeep ay inaya niyang maglakad si Sara.

Makalipas ang ilang araw, napagpasiyahan na ni Jay na kausapin si Sara para linawin ng ang estado ng relasyon nila. Ginawa niya ito habang naglalakad sila papunta sa inuupahan ni dalaga. Hindi sumagot si Sara. Kailangan raw nito ng panahon upang mag-isip. Naudlot ang tuwa ni binata.  Asang-asa kasi siya na positibo ang magigng tugon ng dalaga. Nalungkot man ay inintindi na lamang ni Jay ang dalaga.

Pagakatapos ng gabing iyon, hindi nagparamdam si Sara kay Jay. Nag-alala ang binata. Kaiba kasi ito sa nakasanayan niya na lagi siya may text mula kay Sara mula umaga hanggang sa kabuuan ng araw. Tinatawagan niya ito pero hindi iyon sinasagot ng dalaga. Ilang text din ang pinadala ni Jay subalit ni isa ay walang sinagot ang si Sara. Kinahapunan, pagkatapos ng trabaho, tinext niya ang dalaga sinabihan niya ito na nagaalala siya. at pupuntahan niya ito. Sa wakas ay nagreply ang dalaga. Umuwi raw ito sa bahay nila dahil masama ang pakiramdam nito at hindi siya pumasok. Dahil sa nalaman, lalong ninais puntahan ng binata ang dalaga. Napagpasyahan niyang pumunta muna sa pinagtatrabahuhan ni Sara para ipagtanong ang address nito.

Hindi niya inasahan ang nakita niya pagdating niya sa mall. Malayo pa siya sa tindahan na kanyang pakay ay natanaw na niya si Sara. Laking pagtataka niya dahil ang sabi nito ay hindi siya pumasok. Palapit na sana siya upang kausapin ang dalaga ng may makita siyang semi kalbo na mukhang gym instructor na pumasok sa tindahan, dumiretcho kay Sara at humalik sa labi. Pagkatapos ay tila nagpaalam si Sara sa mga kasama niya at habang nakaakabay sa kanya ang lalaki ay umalis na sila. Nayanig si Jay sa nasaksihan niya. Lutang siya. Hindi niya alam kung paano siya nakauwi ng  gabing iyon.

Kinagabihan ay nagtext si Sara. Hindi kinayang tanungin ni Jay ang dalaga tungkol sa nakita niya dahil takot siya sa maaring maging sagot nito. Kinamusta na lamang nito ang dalaga. Mabuti na raw ang pakiramdam nito at papasok na siya bukas. May sagot na din daw ito sa tanong ni Jay nung nagdaang gabi. Hindi pa daw siya handang makipagrelasyon dahil siya lamang ang inaasahan ng pamilya nila. Magkakahalong sakit, galit at pagakalito ang naramdaman ni Jay ng mga oras na iyon. Hindi niya maintindihan kung anung nangyari. Pero duwag siya. Wala siyang lakas ng loob na tanungin si Sara. Nagpanggap na lamang siyang walang nakita at na naiitindihan niya ang desisyon ng dalaga. Sana raw ay maaari pa din silang maging magkaibigan ika ni Sara na sinagot naman niya ng “Oo naman!”

Mula sa common friend nila ay nalaman ni Jay boyfriend daw ni Sara ung lalaking nakita niyang humalik at sumundo kay dito. Bago lamang daw sila. Ito ang kumpirmasyong kailangan ni Jay upang bumitiw na.  Mahal niya si Sara,  pero hindi siya tanga. Matapos niyon ay tinetext pa din ng dalaga ang binata, tinatanong nito kung bakit hindi na daw siya dinadalaw g binata. Hindi na ito sinasagot ni Jay.

Ang nakakatawa lang sa lahat ng pangyayaring ito, nagsimula at natapos ang lahat ng hindi nalalaman ni Jay kung ano ang apelyido ni Sara.

Jay : Chapter 2

Nakagawian na ni Jay na mag muni-muni sa tuwing siya ay mag-isa.

Sakto.  Average ika nga sa Ingles. Sa isa sa kanyang muni-muni sessions ay naisip niya na ang pang-uring ito ang makapaglalarawan kanya.

Hindi siya henyo pero hindi rin naman siya matatawag na mangmang.

Hindi ganun kalakas ang katawan niya para maging atleta pero hindi naman siya lampa.

Hindi siya masipag, hindi din naman siya batugan.

Hindi siya papasa bilang santo pero, hindi din naman siya masama.

Hindi siya suplado, pero hindi din siya palakaibigan.

Hindi siya matangkad, di din naman bansot.

Hindi siya yung tipong mapapalingon ka dahil guwapo, pero hindi siya pangit.

Hindi siya mayaman, pero nakakain naman siya ng tatlo hanggang apat na beses sa isang araw.

Sa pagitan ng pinaka mataas at pinakamababa . Walang labis, walang kulang. Sakto.

Nasaling ang ego ni Jay ng una niyang mapansin ang pagiging sakto niya sa halos lahat ng bagay. Naisip niyang napakaordinaryo lamang pala niya.

Kaunti lamang ang aamin ng harapan na nais nilang magkaroon ng katangian na mag-aangat sa kanila sa iba.  Pero ang totoo, lahat naman ay gusto nito. Ego, kasama ito sa ating pagiging tao at siyang puno’t dulo ng pagnanais na maging mas angat sa iba.

Matagal ng natanggap ni Jay na sakto siya. Para sa kanya dalawa lamang ang pagpipilian, magmukmok o tanggapin ang kung anung meron siya at sikaping mapaunlad ito.

Maaari siyang maging henyo sa pamamagitan ng pagaaral.

Maaari siyang magehersisyo upang lumakas.

Maaari siyang magsikap na maging masipag, mabait at palakaibigan.

Maaari siyang tumayo ng mas tuwid upang mag-mukhang matangkad.

Maaari niyang panatiltihing malinis ang sarili upang gumuwapo

Maaari siyang yumaman basta masipag at masinop siya.

Naisip ni Jay na hindi naman porke’t nasa gitna siya ay walang na siyang magagawa upang umangat.  Para sa kanya binigyan siya ng magandang oportunidad ng pagiging sakto niya upang umunlad sa sarili niyang pagsisikap.


Thoughts ni Tolits : Chapter 3

Fresh rants and random thoughts

Some from me. Some from others.

Preconceived notions prevent us from ever knowing the truth.

The harder you push to get what you want, the further it gets.

We all lie. I hate bad liars though. If you are going to lie make sure you will never get caught.

I wish i was born filthy rich so I can help solve people’s problems. Then again money is not everything. The time that you give to people will be worth more to them than anything money can buy.

When you know when to bend, you will never break.

Aside from family, the most awesome gift an only child can ever hope to have is the gift or true friends.

What you give isn’t always what you will get.

Time will come when all that will be left are the ones who chose to stay.

We are often blinded by how much we want something or love someone that we can’t see he truth even if it waved a neon colored flag in our faces.

Dreams  are the subconscious thoughts that we do not want to admit,  fighting to surface.

Caring about what someone thinks makes them important. When you stop caring about their thoughts, their importance also diminishes.

When you know you’ve done your part, you will not regret anything if it does not work out.

Excuses signify reluctance. When you really want it you will exhaust all possible ways to make it happen.

It’s not that I have nothing to say. I just don’t think you would will be able to comprehend what I have in mind.

You will not know if you can do it if you don’t do it.

I find it amusing when people choose to judge me based on what they see not knowing that what they see I only what I want to show.

Gravitating towards toxic people is an unfortunate skill most of us seem to have but is oblivious of.

Keep your negative thoughts about other people to yourself. If you can’t, tell them to their faces and not behind their backs.